BIS 261 Week 2 Discussions DeVry



BIS 261 Week 2 Discussions DeVry

Project Failures and Successes

Describe either a successful or an unsuccessful information systems project (either a project that you know about personally from work, or one that you learned about by researching news accounts of IS projects on the Web).What factors contributed to this project being a success or a failure? What were the major feasibility issues for the project?

Costs and Benefits

The Green Table is a small neighborhood restaurant specializing in healthy but delicious meals.It currently keeps track of customers’ reservations by using a paper-based system.Customers call on the telephone to make a dinner reservation.The host (who is also responsible for greeting customers and showing them to their tables) answers the phone, takes the reservation information, and writes it down on a clipboard kept at the host station.

As the restaurant has become more popular, keeping track of reservations in this way has become a problem.Some customers have complained that their reservations were lost or were made for the wrong date or time.The host staff has said that answering the phone to take reservations distracts them from their other duties.A few customers have asked about being able to make reservations on the Web or by using their smartphones.

Alice, the owner of The Green Table, is considering adopting a computerized reservation system for the restaurant that would allow customers to make reservations by phone, on a website, or by using a smartphone app.

What are some of the potential costs and benefits associated with adopting such a computerized reservation system?


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BIS 261 Week 2 Discussions DeVry

Best BIS 261 Week 2 Discussions DeVry
BIS 261 Week 2 Discussions DeVry


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