BIS 261 Week 3 Discussions DeVry



BIS 261 Week 3 Discussions DeVry

Write the Requirement (graded)

Usually, as a business analyst, you don’t get to invent requirements yourself; your job is to gather requirements from others.In this discussion topic, though, you get to suggest your own ideas for requirements.Remember to state your requirements so that they are objective, measurable, and testable.

Suppose that you are helping to create a website that provides a resume improvement service.For a fee, a customer submits his or her resume to the site and receives suggestions for improvement from a human resources professional.What requirements would you suggest for this system?

Comparing Requirements-Gathering Methods (graded)

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various requirements-gathering methods mentioned in this week’s reading assignment and lecture.In what situations would you use each method and why?


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BIS 261 Week 3 Discussions DeVry

Best BIS 261 Week 3 Discussions DeVry
BIS 261 Week 3 Discussions DeVry




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