Devry ACCT 444 Week 6 Quiz Latest



Devry ACCT 444 Week 6 Quiz Latest

Question 1

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(TCO 9) The exception rate the auditor will permit in the population and still be willing to reduce the assessed level of control risk is called the

tolerable exception rate.

estimated population exception rate.

acceptable risk of overreliance.

sample exception rate.

Question 2

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(TCO 9) A sample in which every possible combination of items in the population has an equal chance of constituting the sample is a

random sample.

statistical sample.

judgment sample.

representative sample.

Question 3

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(TCO 9) To determine if a sample is truly representative, an auditor must

conduct multiple samples of the same population.

never use sampling because of the expense involved.

audit the entire population.

perform none of the above.

Question 4

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(TCO 9) The most important aspect of evaluating the client’s method of obtaining a reliable cutoff is to

perform extensive detailed testing of cutoff.

evaluate the client’s control procedures around cutoff.

confirm a sample of transactions near period end with customers.

perform any of the above.


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Devry ACCT 444 Week 6 Quiz Latest

Best Devry ACCT 444 Week 6 Quiz Latest
Devry ACCT 444 Week 6 Quiz Latest


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