Devry BIS 155 ALL Week Discussions Latest



Devry BIS 155 ALL Week Discussions Latest


Devry BIS 155 Week 1 Discussion Latest

Getting Familiar With Excel (graded)

Excel was introduced in 1985. Since then, it has become a standard business tool.

  1. Discuss and explain at least six different (unique) features of Excel that make it a valuable business tool.
  2. Discuss what type of Excel skills would be important in today’s job market and why. Be specific.

Note: In addition to the Microsoft Excel 2013 overview in the Course Home, there are many Excel resources, in addition to your text, on the Web. For example, try an Internet search on “top ten Excel 2013 features” and sift through some of the resources. Be sure to read your classmates posts, and see how many features you can find that haven’t been listed yet.



Devry BIS 155 Week 2 Discussion Latest

Formulas and Functions (graded)

One of the benefits of Excel is the ability to use formulas and functions.

Discuss the differences between formulas and functions. Pick a function in Excel and discuss how that function is used to calculate results in your worksheets. Review your classmates posts to make sure that you’re not duplicating formulas/functions already discussed. Using the following scenarios, discuss how you would apply the Excel functions or create a formula to solve the scenario.Be specific!

  • You wish to calculate the commission on sales. The commission is 6% on all sales that are at least 20% above cost.
  • You wish to calculate the total pay for an employee who receives regular time for 40 hours, time and a half for 40–50 hours, and double time for hours over 50.
  • You have a list of contracts and due dates for annual maintenance fees. You wish to determine when you have a contract due in the next 45 days and provide a note that warns you that the payment is due.

Please feel free to add other, unique mathematical challenge questions to the discussion, and let us work together to figure out how you might calculate it.


Devry BIS 155 Week 3 Discussion Latest

Data Analysis Tools (graded)
  1. Excel provides many different ways in which to analyze data. Discuss the different methods by which you can analyze data in your spreadsheet. That is, try an Internet search for “data analysis with excel” or use some of the methods you learned in this week’s lesson. P.S. Please don’t use the same methods. Show your research and creativity skills.
  2. Assume the role of a regional manager for a retail organization looking at ways to analyze the large amounts of sales data you have. Give some examples.

Note: As you answer these questions, a recommended approach would be to attach a sample Excel spreadsheet that you can use to illustrate your answers.


Devry BIS 155 Week 4 Discussion Latest

Excel Data Exchange (graded)

Excel 2013 provides the capability to exchange data with other applications. Discuss the different types of ways to exchange data between Excel and other Microsoft applications.

  • Are there limitations to the exchange process? Think of some specific examples.
  • How can you exchange data with other applications that are not part of the Microsoft Office Suite? Discuss how you would exchange data with external data sources, such as websites. (Be certain to include your references from your research.)


Devry BIS 155 Week 5 Discussion Latest 

Data Consolidation and What-If Analysis (graded)
  1. Discuss and compare the group summations and What-If analysis (Consolidation) Excel tools. You may need to look up (research) the group summations.
  2. Under what circumstances would you use each of these features? Do they both serve the same purpose, or is each one used under different scenarios? Give examples of how each can be used.

Please include your research references in APA format.


Devry BIS 155 Week 6 Discussion Latest

Bringing It All Together (graded)

This week will be an opportunity to share ideas and approaches to the Excel course project due this week.

  1. 1.What are some spreadsheet features you will use to make your spreadsheet professional, readable, reliable, and repeatable?This is an opportunity to show your creativity and depth of understanding of what you have learned up to this point.


  1. 2.Which spreadsheet functions and data analysis types do you think will be the most challenging to implement in this project?You will need to have reviewed the project requirements prior to answering this question.You might want to look at how you responded to the above question, and from that list, identify implementation challenges, and state why you feel that way.


Devry BIS 155 Week 7 Discussion Latest

Uses and Applications of Statistics (graded)

More than 100 years ago, H.G. Wells commented that “statistical thinking will one day be as necessary as the ability to read and write.” If you were to google “statistics for managers”, you will see a list of all sorts of books on this topic, followed by thousands of articles and resources.

Provide a detailed application for the use of some of the many forms of statistics in business. As you perform this analysis, be sure to describe the scenario in detail, why you will need the use of statistics, and explain which type of statistics you will use to solve your scenario question. Two-hundred-word minimum, well formatted and referenced.


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Devry BIS 155 ALL Week Discussions Latest

Best Devry BIS 155 ALL Week Discussions Latest
Devry BIS 155 ALL Week Discussions Latest



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