DeVry BIS 261 All Week Discussions Latest



DeVry BIS 261 All Week Discussions Latest



BIS 261 Week 1 Discussions DeVry

1.Business Analyst Role and Responsibilities

Using an online job search site or the classified ads in a major newspaper, search for job listings for the position of Business Analyst or Business Systems Analyst.Study at least three listings in detail, concentrating on the descriptions of the job responsibilities and qualifications.Based on these listings, and on your reading assignment for the week, what is the role of a business analyst in these organizations? What are a business analyst’s most important responsibilities?

2.Fitting the SDLC Model to an Organization
Pick an organization that develops information systems, either for its own internal use or for sale to others.This could be the organization for which you work, or one that you research in the DeVry Library or on the Web.(You can find company profiles by using databases provided by the DeVry University Library.Use the Library link on the Student Resources tab under Course Home, or go directly to”>DeVry University Library Services siteand use the Research Help or Ask-A-Librarian links for help in selecting an appropriate database.) Which of the SDLC models described in this week’s lecture do you think would be the best fit for your chosen company and why?

BIS 261 Week 2 Discussions DeVry

Project Failures and Successes

Describe either a successful or an unsuccessful information systems project (either a project that you know about personally from work, or one that you learned about by researching news accounts of IS projects on the Web).What factors contributed to this project being a success or a failure? What were the major feasibility issues for the project?

Costs and Benefits

The Green Table is a small neighborhood restaurant specializing in healthy but delicious meals.It currently keeps track of customers’ reservations by using a paper-based system.Customers call on the telephone to make a dinner reservation.The host (who is also responsible for greeting customers and showing them to their tables) answers the phone, takes the reservation information, and writes it down on a clipboard kept at the host station.

As the restaurant has become more popular, keeping track of reservations in this way has become a problem.Some customers have complained that their reservations were lost or were made for the wrong date or time.The host staff has said that answering the phone to take reservations distracts them from their other duties.A few customers have asked about being able to make reservations on the Web or by using their smartphones.

Alice, the owner of The Green Table, is considering adopting a computerized reservation system for the restaurant that would allow customers to make reservations by phone, on a website, or by using a smartphone app.

What are some of the potential costs and benefits associated with adopting such a computerized reservation system?

BIS 261 Week 3 Discussions DeVry

Write the Requirement (graded)

Usually, as a business analyst, you don’t get to invent requirements yourself; your job is to gather requirements from others.In this discussion topic, though, you get to suggest your own ideas for requirements.Remember to state your requirements so that they are objective, measurable, and testable.

Suppose that you are helping to create a website that provides a resume improvement service.For a fee, a customer submits his or her resume to the site and receives suggestions for improvement from a human resources professional.What requirements would you suggest for this system?

Comparing Requirements-Gathering Methods (graded)

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various requirements-gathering methods mentioned in this week’s reading assignment and lecture.In what situations would you use each method and why?

BIS 261 Week 4 Discussions DeVry

Working with Stakeholders (graded)

Kohl’s, a nationwide chain of department stores, recently rolled out a new information system that integrates their store-based and online retailing operations.Kohl’s installed kiosks in all of its stores that connect directly to its website.Shoppers who are unable to find an item that they want in the store can search for it online using the in-store kiosk, and have it delivered to their home with free shipping.

Who do you think were the principal stakeholders for the Kohl’s kiosk project? What would have been the primary concerns of each stakeholder group?


Facilitating Meetings (graded)

Describe a situation from your personal or professional experience in which you attended a group meeting.What was the purpose of the meeting? Who were the attendees? Would you consider the meeting to be successful or unsuccessful, and why?

BIS 261 Week 5 Discussions DeVry

Acme Jewelry System Requirements (graded)

What were some of the requirements that your team identified for the Acme Jewelry eCommerce system during your JAD session last week? Why did you decide that these requirements were among the 10 most important?

Challenges of Virtual Teams (graded)

What are some of the challenges that make working with a virtual team more difficult than working face to face? (Please draw on your experiences with the Acme Jewelry JAD session last week, and other experiences that you may have had with virtual teams, to cite specific examples.)

BIS 261 Week 6 Discussions DeVry

Use Cases (graded)

Let’s practice identifying use cases by working with an existing system with which you are probably already familiar: an e-mail application.Let’s define the system as just the e-mail client, meaning the program or website that you work with directly when you use e-mail.This might be a program like Microsoft Outlook, or a website like”> or”> use cases can you identify for an e-mail client? What actor or actors participate in each use case?

Classes, Attributes, and Associations (graded)

Here’s a brief description of a use case for downloading music from a website:

A customer can search for songs using the song title, artist’s name, or album title.Search results are organized by albums and songs within each album.For each album, the site displays the artist name, the album title, a thumbnail image of the album cover, the year released, and the price of the album.For each song, the site displays the song title, the length of the song, and the price of the song.A customer can purchase an album or an individual song.The price of a purchased album or song is charged to the credit card on file for the customer, and the customer downloads the album or song.

What classes can you identify from this description? What are some attributes of each class? What associations exist among the classes?

BIS 261 Week 7 Discussions DeVry

Test Types (graded)

There are many different types of tests that can be applied to an information system.Pick one type of test and explain it.How is the test performed and what does it tell you about the system? What is the benefit of performing this type of test?

Writing Test Cases (graded)

Acme Bank is developing a Car Loan Calculator mobile app to help customers determine the monthly payment on a car loan.The Car Loan Calculator has the following functional requirements:

FR-01: The calculator allows the user to enter values for the amount financed, the interest rate, and the term of the loan in years.
FR-02: A valid entry for amount financed must be greater than or equal to $1,000 and less than or equal to $100,000
FR-03: A valid entry for interest rate must be greater than or equal to 2.00% and less than or equal to 10.00%.
FR-04: A valid entry for the loan term must be three, four, five, or six years.
FR-05: If all values entered are valid, the calculator computes and displays the monthly payment amount for the loan, based on the values entered by the user.The calculation uses the standard fixed-rate loan amortization formula and assumes that payments are made at the end of each month.
FR-06: If any value entered is not valid, the calculator displays an error message indicating the invalid entry and the allowable range of values for that entry.
FR-07: The calculator provides a link to the Acme Bank website.

What are some test cases that would check whether the Car Loan Calculator satisfies these requirements? Describe a test case, including the steps to be performed, the expected results, and listing the requirement(s) being tested


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DeVry BIS 261 All Week Discussions Latest

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