Devry BUSN 369 All Discussions Latest



Devry BUSN 369 All Discussions Latest

Devry BUSN 369 Week 1 Discussions Latest


While many domestic institutions play an important role in the globalization process, describe three fundamental policy measures that those countries need to promote in order to benefit from globalization. How would these policies be implemented? How might these policies be promoted?

Regional Economic Integration

Although European Union is the most advanced form of regional integration, it is currently facing a challenging time. What are some of the major challenges facing the EU?

Course Project Discussion

This discussion is focused on selection of a business in a foreign country for your Course Project. In your post, describe the following.

  1. What the business does?
  2. Why are you interested in researching this business?
  3. Stock ticker symbol and stock exchange.
  4. What you hope to learn from your research?
  5. If you are interested in working in a team of five with four other students.

Devry BUSN 369 Week 2 Discussions Latest

International Business

How would you make a convincing case that open trade in goods and services, as well as free flow of foreign direct investment will enhance the well-being of (a) consumers, (b) producers, and (c) the government of countries? Include in your response specific examples to support your position.

The International Flow of Funds and Exchange Rates

What is the difference between independent floating, managed floating, and fixed exchange rate systems? Provide an example of a direct quote of an exchange rate.

Devry BUSN 369 Week 3 Discussions Latest

Global Business Considerations

Name the four primary elements of culture and describe why they are important when marketing products and services internationally.

The Legal and Political Environment of Global Business

Criminal laws vary extensively throughout the world. What may be a crime in one country may represent permissible conduct in another location. Why are there vast global differences?

Devry BUSN 369 Week 4 Discussions Latest

Ethics in Global Business

Why are people’s ethical characters so important to business and society?

Control of Global Business

MNEs try to maximize profits. How could MNEs maximize profits and minimize profit volatility at the same time?

Devry BUSN 369 Week 5 Discussions Latest

Global HR

Describe at least three potential problems global businesses face when they outsource or subcontract their work to companies in other countries? (e.g., a U.S.sneaker company outsourcing the manufacturing of its sneakers to a separate company in China or Vietnam.)

Labor Standards for Doing Business Globally

If you were the president of the United States and trying to negotiate better labor standards for NAFTA, what new provisions might you try and negotiate (at least from the United States perspective)?

Devry BUSN 369 Week 6 Discussions Latest

Global Marketing

Explain three reasons why companies need to research their international markets.

Global Operations and Supply-Chain Management

List and describe at least three factors that a firm should consider when making an outsourcing decision.

Devry BUSN 369 Week 7 Discussions Latest

Managing Global Financial Resources
  • Explain the main sources of finance for international trade and investment.
  • Distinguish between short-term and long-term finance sources.
Accounting and Taxation in Global Business
  • Describe three benefits for every country using the same GAAP; that is, IFRS?
  • Explain why a country would not want to adopt IFRS?


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Devry BUSN 369 All Discussions Latest

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Devry BUSN 369 All Discussions Latest




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