Devry CARD 405 Week 2 Assignment Latest



Devry CARD 405 Week 2 Assignment Latest

Devry CARD 405 Week 2 Career and Company Research Latest

Part 1: The O*NET Interest Profiler Assessment

  • Log into My Compass to My Career site. The instructions for locating this site are found on the Week 1 Assignment page, if needed.
  • Once done, you should complete the steps listed below.
    • Click on the Explore tab.
    • Select the Realize Your Full Value tab.
    • Click on the Assessments tab.
    • Select the O*NET Interest Profiler under the Career Interests section.
    • Complete the O*NET Interest Profiler assessment.
  • Now that you have identified some potential job matches, it’s time to match these positions to potential employers.

Part 2: Company Research

**RESEARCH 3 SEPARATE COMPANIES** – Where You Could Reach The Yearly Goals You’ve Chosen

  • In this assignment, you will investigate companies based on your O*NET results and the career goals you developed last week.
  • To fully understand how to conduct proper research, you must either attend the Live Lecture this week or listen to its recording.An Attendance Verification Code will be given to you in the Live Lecture that you must then enter on your assignment template to confirm your attendance.

Part 3: Reflection

  • The final stage of any activity should always be to reflect on what you learned during the process. For this, you will develop a plan for achieving your goals.

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Devry CARD 405 Week 2 Assignment Latest

Best Devry CARD 405 Week 2 Assignment Latest
Devry CARD 405 Week 2 Assignment Latest


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