Devry CARD 415 All Week Discussions Latest



Devry CARD 415 All Week Discussions Latest

Devry CARD 415 Week 1 Discussion Latest

Personal Values (graded)

Chapter 1 of our text focuses on an understanding of one’s place in one’s field through such things as personal traits, preferences, and values. Evaluate the list of personal values that employers seek, found on page 8 of our text. Share two of the personal values listed that you feel are the most important. Support your view with examples from personal work experiences when possible.

Devry CARD 415 Week 2 Discussion Latest

Self-Assessment Exploration (graded)

In anticipation of this week’s self-assessment assignment, go to”> and explore the many self-assessment sites presented.Without choosing sites that are fee based, take several of the surveys in a few different categories. Did your results confirm what you knew about yourself or did they surprise you at all? Name several of the traits, interests, skills, and/or values that you discovered and link them to success in your chosen field.

Devry CARD 415 Week 3 Discussion Latest

SMART Goal Practice (graded)

Let’s talk a bit about setting goals. Goals are easy to set but a bit harder to make a reality. This week’s lecture defines and gives advice on setting SMART goals. Review the lecture, and then try to rewrite one or two of the following general goals into one that is SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC, and TIMELY. After you have written your chosen goal, look at some written by classmates and provide feedback to them.

General Goals: I want to lose some ./question/view/144890/devry-card415-week-3-and-week-4-discussions-latest#”>weight, I want to get a new car, I want to get a job in electronics, I want to write video games, I want to get a master’s degree.

Devry CARD 415 Week 4 Discussion Latest

Traditional vs. Social Networking (graded)

Close to 80% of jobs are discovered and secured through what is called the “hidden job market.” To help tap into this market, job seekers need to network. What’s the difference between traditional and social networking? (Hint: see Chapter 4.) How socially connected are you, and what can you do to increase this important type of networking?

Devry CARD 415 Week 5 Discussion Latest

Resume Types (graded)

Chapter 5 of our text discusses the various types of resumes. Contrast the chronological and the functional types. Which of the three types, chronological, functional, and combination, best suits your career needs? Why?

Devry CARD 415 Week 6 Discussion Latest

The Importance of Professional Portfolios (graded)

Do you think professional portfolios are more important for entry level job seekers or experienced professionals? Justify your view.

Devry CARD 415 Week 7 Discussion Latest

Behavioral Based Interview Questions (graded)

Find examples of behavioral based interview questions (these will usually start by asking “Tell me about a time,” or “Give an example of.” Make sure that the questions you find ask the respondent to present a skill or trait by describing an incident or behavior. Post two behavioral questions for your first post. After that, respond to at least two posts by a classmate, and then try to comment on the responses other students have given.

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Devry CARD 415 All Week Discussions Latest

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Devry CARD 415 All Week Discussions Latest




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