Devry CARD 415 Week 8 Course Project Latest



Devry CARD 415 Week 8 Course Project Latest


This project consists of several assignments, some you have previously completed and some you will be developing.Make sure that you start on this project early, before the week in which it is due. All parts below should be placed in a single Word document and placed in the appropriate dropbox. Required parts of the portfolio and their corresponding points are listed below. Take extreme care in assembling this course project, because it takes the place of a final exam and is an essential tool in your future job search efforts.

When it is time to begin your job search, finalize your career development portfolio by removing the advertisement and cover letter sample from this project and adding a few more samples that demonstrate your best skills and experience.

  1. Mission Statement: Use this interactive website to complete this”> You do not have to include each part of this exercise, but include several parts that will accurately convey your personal mission statement. (20 points)
  2. Advertisement: This needs to be a copy of an advertised position for which you would qualify after graduation.(20 points)
  3. Targeted Cover Letter: Using your chosen job advertisement, create a cover letter specifically targeted to this position. Try to include something about the company and definitely demonstrate how you qualify for this specific position. Make any improvements necessary from your earlier cover letter. (20 points)
  4. Final Resume: This should be your best resume yet, incorporating all feedback received! (80 points)
  5. List of References: This can be the same list as previously created and can contain some new individuals. (20 points)
  6. Proof of Hire DeVry Submission: Directions for this portion are in Doc Sharing. (30 points)
  7. THREE Samples:Supply three samples of your best work. These samples can be from school, work, or other situations in which you can demonstrate skills and achievement. (60 points)


Throughout the course when you complete and update an assignment (such as the cover letter or resume), make sure that you place it in a file marked CARD415 Portfolio so that you will have easy access to it for the project deadline of Week 8.


Category Points Description
Mission Statement / 15 Completed according to directions.
Advertisement / 15 Ad is for a degree-related position and includes the title and description of the position.
Targeted Cover Letter / 15 This letter is created according to letter writing standards, and it targets the position noted in the advertisement.
Final Resume / 70 The resume incorporates the feedback received, is dynamic, and helps to sell the candidate.
Hire DeVry Submission / 25 A screen shot or receipt is submitted, showing that the resume has been submitted to this DeVry database.
List of References / 15 Reference list should include names, addresses, and best contact phone numbers. E-mail addresses are optional.
Sample #1 / 15 Each of the following samples taken from work, school, volunteer, or other personal situations demonstrates technical and transferrable skills. If desired, more than three samples can be included.
Sample #2 / 15 See above.
Sample #3 / 15 See above.
Total 200 A quality portfolio will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

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Devry CARD 415 Week 8 Course Project Latest

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Devry CARD 415 Week 8 Course Project Latest


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