Devry CIS 363a Week 1 Ilab Latest



Devry CIS 363a Week 1 Ilab Latest

Welcome to Week 1!

In the first week, we will discuss some of the basics of website design, the current state of technology, and some of the basic ideas that should guide your website development, such as screen resolution and bandwidth issues.

We will take a look at HTML 5. This simple but powerful language is behind every website that you visit. You’ll learn the basics of HTML 5 documents, including how to add text, graphics, and hyperlinks.

Many students find developing websites to be fun. The hope is that, after this course, not only will you enjoy developing websites, but your visitors will enjoy viewing them as well. Your sites will be well designed, make good use of color and graphics, be easy to navigate, and be tailored to your target audience.

Terminal Course Objectives


Given several websites, evaluate them for fundamental site and page design errors and identify a goal-directed design approach for each.

Key Concepts

Describe the evolution of the World Wide Web from its inception to current website design as a means to explain the difference between current goal-directed design approaches and traditional physical or software product design.

Identify 10 or more fundamental website and page design errors, such as improper use of graphics or color, inappropriate application of composition rules, lack of professionalism, failure to note psychological or cultural implications of design, and so forth, and use existing websites to illustrate each error.

Discuss programming by following the W3C standards versus actual browser capabilities.

View web page examples through several different browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera), noting differences in style and layouts.


Given a project idea, select an appropriate website structure, and design a web page layout and a wireframe diagram illustrating the links that will enable the user to navigate intuitively and efficiently throughout the site.

Key Concepts

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of web structures, such as Linear, Tree, or Pure Web.

Using a tool such as Visio, create a website diagram of an existing site (or sites) and differentiate website structures based on breadth or depth and the circumstances when one would be appropriate: linear or hierarchical.

Using examples from the Internet, explain the concept of linking, including the appropriate use of color, the three types of links (intrapage, intrasite, and intersite), and the three purposes for which links are used (structural navigation, content association, and additional references).

Using examples from the Internet, discuss the rules of good content design.

Using examples from the Internet, demonstrate usability testing of structure and navigation.


Given a project, create a website that contains text, links, images, and any other content necessary to complete the website using HTML and external CSS.

Key Concepts

Gather user requirements, such as audience, goals, and objectives, to create a style definition, and describe how this definition is used in website design and maintenance.

Using knowledge gathered in TCOs 1 through 8, build a website.

Evaluate your project to ensure that it meets the accessibility standards.

Demonstrate an understanding of local and remote sites.

Upload local website files to a remote web server.


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Devry CIS 363a Week 1 Ilab Latest

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Devry CIS 363a Week 1 Ilab Latest


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