Devry CIS407a week 3 quiz latest



Devry CIS407a week 3 quiz latest

1 .Question : (TCO 3) By default, session state objects are tracked by the use of _____ .

query strings




Question 2 .Question : (TCO 3) The Application_Start event is typically used to _____ .

initialize the values of session state items

initialize the values of application state items

retrieve application statistics from ASP .NET

add components to the global .asax file

Question 3 .Question : (TCO 3) A global .asax file for a website provides _____ .

event handlers for application events

application properties and methods

the attributes for an application

the options for an application

Question 4 .Question : (TCO 3) Master page events are like content page events, but the master page events occur _____ the content page events .



at the same time

master page events do not occur

Question 5 .Question : (TCO 3) Which of the following is true for friendly URLs?

They mirror the directory structure of the website .

They don’t include the file names of the pages that are being requested .

They can include query strings .

They often improve browser performance .

Question 6 .Question : (TCO 3) Before you can use a navigation control, you must _____ .

configure the web .config

configure the global .asax

configure the web .sitemap

configure the security settings

Question 7 .Question : (TCO 3) The _____ control displays the navigation as menu options .

Master page




Question 8 .Question : (TCO 3) Application-state variables are _____ .

global variables for each ASP .NET application

local variables for a file

not useful for data connections

not able to be modified in ASP .NET pages

Question 9 .Question : (TCO 3) _____ variables are maintained while the browser is opened .





Question 10 .Question : (TCO 3) _____ values are a mode of session state that stores values in the memory space of a standalone Microsoft Windows Service .This service runs outside of the IIS or ASP .NET application server process and memory space .

StateServer variable level

InProc server


Global .asax


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Devry CIS407a week 3 quiz latest

Best Devry CIS407a week 3 quiz latest
Devry CIS407a week 3 quiz latest


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