DeVry COLL 148 Week 6 Discussion Latest



DeVry COLL 148 Week 6 Discussion Latest

Thinking Critically About Motivation (graded)

A theory is an explanation. Put simple, when we offer an explanation for a phenomenon, we are offering our theory.

There are several theories to explain various phenomena. There are theories to explain why brains develop Alzheimer’s disease, why the seasons change, how to design artificial intelligence, and so forth. Some theories are widely accepted as sound and reasonable for the explanations they offer. Other theories can be argued. Still, in other cases, sometimes a theory is sound and reasonable, but there is one element of the theory that is a point of contention.

Your critical thinking skills are what help you analyze a theory by taking it apart. The theory we will analyze in this discussion forum is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Let’s explore a theory introduced in the textbook, and let’s discuss it to develop and sharpen our critical thinking skills. As critical thinkers who are analyzing a theory, we are not interested in evaluations yet. Analysis comes first. So, let’s try to avoid saying whether we agree or disagree with the theory. Let’s instead just analyze the theory for now.

Follow along in each new conversation thread.


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DeVry COLL 148 Week 6 Discussion Latest

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DeVry COLL 148 Week 6 Discussion Latest


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