DeVry CRMJ 425 Week 6 Ethical Dilemma



DeVry CRMJ 425 Week 6 Ethical Dilemma

Ethical Dilemma Exercise Instructions

Using the information in chapter two and week two’s lecture solve this week’s ethical dilemmas exer-cise using the following format:

Ethical Judgment: Here you state the judgment you have made about the ethical dilemma; that is you state the action you deem the best action to take in this case.

For example:

Tell the prosecutor and if the prosecutor keeps the information from the defense attorney, you should provide it.

Moral Rules: Here you list the rules that apply to support the judgment you have made.

For example:

One should seek justice.

One should protect due process.

One should do one’s duty.

One should not lie.

One should strive to protect the innocent.

Ethical System: Here you list the system(s) that would support your judgment. Perhaps a paradigm to follow is to work through the systems and first list the ones that would not support your judgment.

For example:

Ethical formalism would define a law enforcement officer’s duty as not just telling the truth on the stand, but to seek justice (same for the prosecutor). It makes no different whether the officer thought the defendant was guilty or not (except for egoism and act-utilitarianism). One of the principles of due process and our system of advocacy is that the defense attorney has a right of access to exculpatory information – the prosecutor is both legally and ethically bound to provide such information to the defense. The police officer, as a participant in the justice process, has a complementary duty.

This is the format you need to follow when solving the assigned ethical dilemmas, if you have ques-tions ask your instructor.


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DeVry CRMJ 425 Week 6 Ethical Dilemma

Best DeVry CRMJ 425 Week 6 Ethical Dilemma
DeVry CRMJ 425 Week 6 Ethical Dilemma


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