Devry ECON 312 Week 7 Discussion Latest



Devry ECON 312 Week 7 Discussion Latest


Before posting, review the Discussion Activity Overview under Introduction & Resources.

Multimedia post (up to 10 points) – Money and the Banking System: Create a short 1-2 minute slide presentation with a voice narration or a video using any technology you are comfortable with to present about money and the banking system.

You use money just about every day. What is money and what functions does it perform? Give some examples from your career field and from personal life.

How is the supply of money measured? Who influences how much liquidity is created or reduced in the U.S. economy?

Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy (up to 5 points) – What would happen if no one tried to manage the business cycle? What role do you see for the Executive Branch of the U.S. government in managing the business cycle? How does fiscal policy work? What are its limitations? How does monetary policy work? Who is responsible for setting and implementing monetary policy?

MyEconLab (MEL) Activity Post (up to 5 points) – Make a high-quality response to a classmate’s MEL Activity post or complete your choice of one of the available Week 7: MyEconLab Activities for the week (recommended), and post a short summary along with ideas on how to apply the principles explained in the selected Activity. Include the word “Activity” along with the topic of the MEL Activity in the first sentence.

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Devry ECON 312 Week 7 Discussion Latest

Best Devry ECON 312 Week 7 Discussion Latest
Devry ECON 312 Week 7 Discussion Latest


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