Devry ENG 135 Week 5 Discussions Latest



Devry ENG 135 Week 5 Discussions Latest


Analyzing a Sample Argument (graded)

In the textbook, review the student essay on p. 199, “Allowing Guns on Campus Will Prevent Shootings, Rape.” In an abbreviated format, the sample contains the elements that you will be including in your Course Project. The controversial subject matter (the content) may engage you right away. This is a sign that the writer is applying an argumentative strategy. Focus on the organization. What do you notice about the way the topic is introduced? How will your draft be similar or different?

Here is another″>Are Kids Too Coddled? Follow the link and read Frank Bruni’s argument about tougher standards versus “bruised egos,” and answer the questions below.


Organizational Patterns in Argument (graded)

Let’s look at samples of research-based writing: “Nervous Nellies” on p. 328; “From Degrading to De-Grading” on p. 254; and “How Many Zombies Do You Know?” on p. 290.

Review each selection and include in your post responses to these questions. What do you notice about how each is organized and presented? What kinds of appeals to the audience does each author use? How are sources used in text?

Reading Strategy Note: Unlike summary and paraphrase, which require close reading, for this discussion use the reading strategy of skimming. Carefully read the introductory paragraph, but then move quickly, reading only the topic sentence of each paragraph.The goal is to compare and contrast the differences in the presentation of the information in the document. Skim and review until you have an impression you can share in the discussion.


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Devry ENG 135 Week 5 Discussions Latest

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Devry ENG 135 Week 5 Discussions Latest




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