Devry GSCM 206 Week 6 Quiz latest



Devry GSCM 206 Week 6 Quiz latest

devry gscm206 week 6 quiz latest

Question 1. Question : (TCO 11) ABC analysis is based upon the principle that

all items in inventory must be monitored very closely.

there are usually a few critical items and many items that are less critical.

an item is critical if its usage is high.

more time should be spent on managing “C” items because there are more of them.

there should be more “B” items than either “A” or “C” items.

Question 2. Question : (TCO 11) Which of the following statements regarding control of service inventories is true?

Service inventory is a fictional concept, because services are intangible.

Service inventory needs no safety stock, because there’s no such thing as a service stockout.

Effective control of all goods leaving the facility is one applicable technique.

Service inventory has carrying costs but no setup costs.

Good personnel selection, training, and discipline are easy.

Question 3. Question : (TCO 11) Among the advantages of cycle counting is that it

makes the annual physical inventory more acceptable to management.

does not require the detailed records necessary when annual physical inventory is used.

does not require highly trained people.

allows more rapid identification of errors and consequent remedial action than is possible with annual physical inventory.

does not need to be performed for less expensive items.

Question 4. Question : (TCO 11) A certain type of computer costs $1,000, and the annual holding cost is 25%. Annual demand is 10,000 units, and the order cost is $150 per order. What is the approximate economic order quantity?






Question 5. Question : (TCO 11) The phrase demand related to the demand for other products


a dependent variable.

dependent demand.

recursive demand.

regression analysis.

independent demand.

Question 6. Question : (TCO 10) Effective use of MRP and other dependent demand models does not require which of the following?

Master production schedule

Bill of materials

Inventory availability

Lead times

Cost of individual components

Question 7. Question : (TCO 10) The _____ is (are) the MRP input detailing that end items are to be produced, when they are needed, and in what quantities.

master production schedule

load report

inventory records

assembly time chart

bill of material

Question 8. Question : (TCO 10) A document calls for the production of 50 small garden tractors in week 1; 50 small garden tractors and 100 riding mowers in week 2; 100 riding mowers and 200 garden utility carts in week 3; and 100 riding mowers in week 4. This document is most likely a(n)

net requirements document.

resource requirements profile.

aggregate plan.

master production schedule.

Wagner-Whitin finite capacity document.

Question 9. Question : (TCO 10) Why is low-level coding use in a bill of material (BOM)?

They are planning BOM.

They are phantom BOM.

Identical items does not exist in the BOM.

Identical items exist in the BOM.

Question 10. Question : (TCO 10) The bill of material contains information necessary to

place an order to replenish the item.

calculate quantities on hand and on order.

convert net requirements into higher level gross requirements.

convert gross requirements into net requirements.

convert (explode) net requirements at one level into gross requirements at the next level.

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Devry GSCM 206 Week 6 Quiz latest

Best Devry GSCM 206 Week 6 Quiz latest
Devry GSCM 206 Week 6 Quiz latest


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