DEvry GSCM 209 All Quizes Latest



DEvry GSCM 209 All Quizes Latest


Devry GSCM 209 Week 2 Quiz Latest

  1. 1.Question : (TCO 1) Gary Puckette, the research and development director at ABC Company, and Steve Gap, ABC’s marketing director, have been asked by General Manger Dick Clark to prepare a cash budget for a new product’s future development.When Gary and Steve select their quantitative forecasting method, on which time horizon should they be focusing on to choose their forecasting method?

Short range

Medium range


Long range

None of the above

Question 2. Question : (TCOs 1 and 2) Given the following data, calculate the 2-year moving averages for years 5 through 10.

Year Forecast 5 74 6 112 7 116 8 104 9 112 The data for year 9 is missing for calculation of year 10. Suppose, for year 9, it is 95.Then for year 10, the forecast will be 10 104

Instructor Explanation: Chapter 4, Time-Series Forecasting

Question 3. Question : (TCOs 3 and 4) In a regression equation, y = a bx, which is the independent variable?





Question 4. Question : (TCOs 3, 4, and 5) A car dealer’s sales (X, in millions of dollars) are related to its profits (Y, in hundreds of thousands of dollars) by the following regression equation:Y = 12.01 0.71 X. What is your forecast of profit for a store with sales of $33 million? What is it for a store with sales of $47 million?

Devry GSCM 209 Week 4 Quiz Latest

  1. 1.Question : (TCO 6) Which equation best describes the break-even point? (> means greater than, < meansless than, ? means greater than or equal to, and ? means less than or equal to.)

Total cost (TC) > total revenue (TR)




Question 2. Question : (TCO 6) The formula for utilization is

actual output ÷ effective capacity.

actual output ÷ design capacity.

effective capacity × utilization.

None of the above

Question 3. Question : (TCO 7) An electronics firm is currently manufacturing an item that has a variable cost of $0.40 per unit and a selling price of $1.20 per unit. Fixed costs are $15,000. Current volume is 40,000 units. The firm can substantially improve the product quality by adding a new piece of equipment at an additional fixed cost of $8,000. Variable cost would increase to $0.60, but volume should jump to 30,000 units due to a higher quality product. Should the company buy the new equipment?

Question 4. Question : (TCO 8) Bob’s Automated Carwash can service 14 cars per hour. On the average, 16 cars show up every hour. Determine the waiting model to be used, average cars in the system, and average time in the system each hour.

Question 5. Question : (TCO 9) List the three requirements of a linear programming problem.

Devry GSCM 209 Week 6 Quiz Latest 

1. Question : (TCO 14) Briefly describe a decision table.
Question 2. Question : (TCOs 13 and 14) Consider the following decision table, which Buckeye Bob has developed for GoSlow Enterprises.

Decision Probability 0.2 0.5 0.3
Alternatives Low Medium High
A $ 40 $ 100 $ 60
B $ 85 $ 60 $ 70
C $ 60 $ 70 $ 70
D $ 65 $ 75 $ 70
E $ 70 $ 65 $ 80

Which decision alternative maximizes the expected value of the payoff?

Question 3. Question : (TCOs 10, 11, and 12) Bob’s Claymart has enough clay to make 24 small vases or six large vases. He has only enough of a special glazing compound to glaze 16 of the small vases or eight of the large vases. Let X1 = the number of small vases and X2 = the number of large vases. The smaller vases sell for $6 each, and the larger vases bring $13 each.
Formulate the problem’s objective function, constraints, and solve for the maximum profit mix.


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DEvry GSCM 209 All Quizes Latest

Best DEvry GSCM 209 All Quizes Latest
DEvry GSCM 209 All Quizes Latest


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