DeVry GSP 115 All Discussions latest



DeVry GSP 115 All Discussions latest


DeVry GSP 115 Week 1 Discussion latest

Visual Studio 2012 (graded)

Discuss issues you had installing and running Visual Studio 2012. Explore Visual Studio 2012, and discuss features you’ve found or have questions about.

DeVry GSP 115 Week 2 Discussion latest

dq 1

Using Text in C Programs (graded)

Discuss why text isn’t a simple variable datatype. What are the different ways text can be stored in C ?

dq 2

Pointers and Pointer Variables (graded)

Describe what pointers are and how they are handled in C . How do pointer variables differ from other variables?



DeVry GSP 115 Week 3 Discussion latest

dq 1

Branching and Conditional Statements (graded)

Discuss the importance of branching statements. What are conditional statements, and how are they used?

dq 2

Loops (graded)

Discuss the different types of loops and what they can be used for. What are some loops you would expect to find in a game?

DeVry GSP 115 Week 4 Discussion latest

The Structure and Use of Functions (graded)

Discuss how functions are created and used. Describe the function prototype, function definition, and function call formats. What is the purpose of each? How do they differ?


dq 2

Passing by Value and Passing by Reference (graded)

Discuss the different ways in which values can be passed to and returned from a function. Contrast passing a parameter by value to passing a parameter by reference. How would you decide which method


DeVry GSP 115 Week 5 Discussion latest

dq 1

More Advanced Loop Issues (graded)

Discuss advanced loop issues. Describe what makes the range-based For loop different than the other loops. What are the advantages of the range-based For loop? What are the restrictions? How do we deal with looping through a two-dimensional array?


dq 2

File Input and Output (graded)

Discuss file input and output. Describe the process of opening a file for reading or writing. How do we write numeric data to a text file? How do we read numeric data from a text file?


DeVry GSP 115 Week 6 Discussion latest

dq 1

Advanced Function Issues (graded)

Discuss function overloading. Describe how function overloading works. What is the purpose of overloading functions? Give some examples.

dq 2

The Preprocessor (graded)

Discuss the function of the preprocessor. List and describe common preprocessor directives. How are common preprocessor directives used? Give use?


DeVry GSP 115 Week 7 Discussion latest

dq 1

Scope (graded)

Discuss the concept of scope in C . Describe how scope is applied to variables. Why does C use scope? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


dq 2


Classes (graded)

Discuss how classes and structs are related. Describe how a class is created. What are the major components of a class?


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DeVry GSP 115 All Discussions latest

Best DeVry GSP 115 All Discussions latest
DeVry GSP 115 All Discussions latest


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