Devry HIM 435 Week 2 Discussions Latest



Devry HIM 435 Week 2 Discussions Latest

Employee Hiring (graded)

Review the You Decide scenario for this week. The scenario introduction follows.

You are the Director of HIM for ABC Hospital and are interviewing for a position of Assistant Director. This is a 500-bed, acute care facility. As has historically been common in many HIM departments, most of the staff members are Caucasian females, primarily in their 40s and 50s. There is a night shift supervisor in the department who was hired immediately after graduating school with a master’s degree and RHIA certification and has limited HIM experience. You know that your hospital is encouraging more diversity when hiring staff members. You posted the job opening saying that an RHIT or an RHIA is required with a strong preference for an RHIA. Preference may be given to those with a master’s degree. Five years of experience in an HIM department is required.

Respond to the questions asked in the You Decide activity in this discussion, and explain your answer using information learned in this week’s lecture about hiring and using the employment law issues studied last week.

Employee Training (graded)

Excessive employee turnover can be a major problem, with potentially adverse effects on productivity, stability, and employee morale.Often, turnover in healthcare is greatest in the jobs characterized by low pay, routine (nonchallenging) work, and limited prospects for career mobility without increased education and professional credentials (e.g., filing clerks and nursing home aides).

How does an effective orientation program enhance employee retention?


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Devry HIM 435 Week 2 Discussions Latest

Best Devry HIM 435 Week 2 Discussions Latest
Devry HIM 435 Week 2 Discussions Latest


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