Devry HIST 405 Week 2 Quiz Latest



Devry HIST 405 Week 2 Quiz Latest

Question 1

(TCO 4) Which of the following made up the largest segment of Spain’s colonial population by the 1700s?




Mestizos (multiracial)

Question 2

(TCO 1) The Jamestown colony was established by

a joint-stock company.

religious dissenters.

English missionaries.

an aristocratic explorer.

Question 3

(TCO 1) Puritan leaders found Anne Hutchinson especially dangerous because she

practiced witchcraft.

preached Antinomianism.

had the support of the Pilgrims.

came from a powerful family.

Question 4

(TCO 4) Why did English immigration to the colonies drop dramatically after 1660?

The English were no longer sought after as indentured servants.

The political turmoil in England kept them close to home.

The English economy improved and political and religious conflict diminished.

The English were opposed to the growing slave trade in the colonies.

Question 5

(TCO 2) The French and Indian War was also called

King George’s War.

Seven Years’ War.

Pontiac’s Rebellion.

Pequot War.

Question 6

2 / 2 pts

(TCO 2) At the First Continental Congress, delegates represented every colony except



Rhode Island.


Question 7

2 / 2 pts

(TCO 2) In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson refers to the natural rights due to every citizen as

life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

independent liberty.

Paine’s freedoms.

radical power.

Question 8

(TCO 2) The Patriots would not have won the Battle of Yorktown and the American Revolution without help from

Spanish explorers.


the French.

Native Americans.

Question 9

(TCO 9) Why was it difficult to make changes to the Articles of Confederation?

An amendment required approval by all 13 states.

The Articles did not provide for amending the constitution.

Two thirds of the delegates had to agree in order to amend the Articles.

The states had to convene a special committee to revise the Articles.

Question 10

(TCO 1) The Three-Fifths Compromise benefited _____ states.





Question 11

20 / 20 pts

(TCOs 1 and 2) Identify and analyze major actions taken by the English Parliament during the 1760s that angered the colonists, and discuss specifically at least one act that dealt with what the colonists viewed as unfair taxation. Then discuss the significance to the colonists of the Tea Act and the Coercive Acts and why these particularly galled the colonists. Make sure you use enough details to support your answer.


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Devry HIST 405 Week 2 Quiz Latest

Best Devry HIST 405 Week 2 Quiz Latest
Devry HIST 405 Week 2 Quiz Latest


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