Devry HIST 405 Week 4 Quiz Latest



Devry HIST 405 Week 4 Quiz Latest

Question 1

(TCO 3) The Corrupt Bargain of 1824 secured the presidency for

Andrew Jackson.

John Quincy Adams.

Henry Clay.

William Crawford.

Question 2

(TCO 3) The creation of an integrated national economy became known as


price fixing.

the rise of factories.

market revolution.

Question 3

(TCO 1) The bloodiest slave uprising in U.S. history was

Nat Henthoff’s Rebellion.

The Slave Rebellion of 1831.

Nat Turner’s Rebellion.

The Market Revolution.

Question 4

(TCO 3) In 1847, Mormons emigrated to the area between the Rocky Mountains and the

Great Salt Lake to

escape war with Native Americans.

escape hostile neighbors.

establish the territory of Utah.

establish and cultivate farmland.

Question 5

(TCO 3) Who led the Texans in drawing Santa Anna into a trap at the Battle of Jacinto?

Stephen F. Austin

Jim Bowie

Sam Houston

Davy Crockett

Question 6

(TCO 2) The Fugitive Slave Act adopted in 1850

required private citizens to assist with apprehending runaway slaves.

required private citizens to help runaway slaves escape.

applied only to northern states.

applied only to southern states.

Question 7

(TCO 3) Immediately prior to Bleeding Kansas, what kind of government had been established in the Kansas-Nebraska territory?

Kansas had an antislavery government, and Nebraska had a pro-slavery government.

Kansas had only an antislavery government.

a Kansas had only pro-slavery government.

Two opposing governments were established in Kansas.

Question 8

(TCO 2) Millard Fillmore, the last Whig president, angered

the North.

the South.

both the North and the South.

neither the North nor the South.

Question 9

(TCO 8) Why did Lincoln announce, early in the Civil War, that he would not free enslaved people?

He personally supported slavery.

He wanted to trick the South into surrendering.

He wanted to impress European leaders.

He wanted to keep the border states in the Union.

Question 10

(TCO 8) Which of the following characterizes Sherman’s march across Georgia?

He took the shortest, narrowest route.

He only destroyed Confederate military sites.

He destroyed everything in his path.

He tried to negotiate with southerners.

Question 11

(TCO 2) Identify and analyze the main provisions of the Compromise of 1850. Be sure to analyze the problem of California and how this led to the Compromise. Then analyze how the Compromise set off a storm of political controversy between 1849 and 1850.Identify the key players and how they viewed the Compromise. What was the role of President Zachary Taylor in these discussions? Be sure to use enough details to support your answer.


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Devry HIST 405 Week 4 Quiz Latest

Best Devry HIST 405 Week 4 Quiz Latest
Devry HIST 405 Week 4 Quiz Latest


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