Devry HIST 405 Week 6 Quiz Latest



Devry HIST 405 Week 6 Quiz Latest

Question 1

(TCO 10) Many immigrants came to the U.S. to avoid

inexpensive land.

political revolutions.

religious freedom.

plentiful employment.

Question 2

(TCO 2) Some neighborhoods and even industries came to be associated with immigrants of a particular nationality because immigrants

could learn only one job.

refused most work offered to them.

would work only for one employer.

tended to settle in nationality groups.

Question 3

(TCO 6) One justification for the new social and economic order of the North was based on


Social Darwinism.

Utilitarian doctrine.

None of the above

Question 4

(TCO 10) How did the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire affect industrial reforms?

Managers began locking the exits of factories.

Progressives began to focus on other areas for reforms.

Congress passed laws that increased the work day to 12 hours.

Cities and states began passing laws to make workplaces safer.

Question 5

(TCO 6) Most U.S. casualties during the Spanish-American War were caused by





Question 6

(TCO 7) What nation informed American authorities about the Zimmermann note?


Great Britain



Question 7

2 / 2 pts

(TCO 7) During World War I, which of these did the Germans use against British ships?





Question 8

(TCO 11) The popularity of the automobile in the 1920s led to a(n)

increase in commercial air travel.

decrease in the number of motels.

increase in bridge and tunnel construction to link cities to suburbs

decline in steel production in the U.S.

Question 9

(TCO 11) What brought the Harding Administration to an end?

President Harding was impeached.

President Harding was defeated in the 1924 election.

President Harding died of a heart attack.

President Harding resigned in response to the Teapot Dome scandal.

Question 10

(TCO 11) The Great Depression affected

only American farmers.

only the U.S. economy.

only the U.S. and European economies.

the global economy.

Question 11

(TCOs 6 and 7) Identify and explain at least one cause of World War I. Then analyze the events that drew the United States into World War I. Evaluate America’s contribution to the war effort and to what extent America’s entry contributed to the end of the war.Make sure you use enough details to support your answer.


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Devry HIST 405 Week 6 Quiz Latest

Best Devry HIST 405 Week 6 Quiz Latest
Devry HIST 405 Week 6 Quiz Latest



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