Devry HIST 417 Week 5 Discussions Latest



Devry HIST 417 Week 5 Discussions Latest


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Relationships When the Allies Broke Up (graded)

Churchill was put out of power as British Prime Minister very shortly after the conclusion of World War II, but he remained a Member of Parliament as the leader of the minority Conservative “Tory” Party. He and newly inaugurated President Harry Truman both received honorary degrees at a ceremony in Missouri, and Churchill was a speaker at the ceremony. This was the famous speech where he coined the phrase “Iron Curtain.”

The cooperative relationship of the Allied Powers was breaking up. What sort of post-war situation did Churchill envision for Europe after the war, and what did Churchill seek as a relationship between Great Britain and the United States?


Cold War (graded)

There is only one chapter to read this week, so you will be doing some additional research for this question. Explain Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) and why that was considered a good strategy in the cold war. Compare this to proposals for unilateral disarmament. How does this compare to the cold war strategies of European countries?


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Devry HIST 417 Week 5 Discussions Latest

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Devry HIST 417 Week 5 Discussions Latest



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