Devry HRM 593 Midterm Exam Latest



Devry HRM 593 Midterm Exam Latest

devry hrm 593 week 4 Midterm Exam

  1. 1.Question : (TCO B) DePeters, sued for sex discrimination on the grounds that too few women are hired because fewer women than men achieve passing scores on a required manual dexterity and physical strength test. DePeters, Co. offers in its defense that even though fewer women score high enough on the test, a greater percentage of the passing women are hired. The company maintains that, as a result, the percentage of women in the workforce mirrors the percentage of available women in the labor pool. A group of women who took the test and failed file suit. Explain the basis for the cause of action, and analyze the merits of the cause of action, employer defenses, and likely outcome. Support your response with applicable law.

Question 2. Question : (TCO H) Myrna, a waitress, complains to her boss that Simon, a frequent customer, has been engaging in what she considers to be sexually harassing behavior. Myrna details Simon’s actions to her boss, requests that Simon be asked to stop, and that she not be required to wait on him in the future. Myrna’s boss, Mickey, the restaurant owner, says he will look into the matter. Wishing to not upset one of his best customers, Mickey puts the matter off for a few weeks, and when he eventually does get around to dealing with it, he tells Simon only that he should go a little easier on Myrna. Mickey does nothing about Myrna’s request to be relieved of any obligations to wait on Simon. There are three waitresses and waiters in the restaurant at all times: two females (Myrna and Brianna) and one male (Myron). Myron and Myrna are constantly dropping trays with food items. Myron has been late to work on several occasions. Myrna is very argumentative with customers. Myrna was fired. Is Mickey in any danger in terms of legal implications? If so, what potential causes of action exist for Myrna and what are the likely outcomes? From a company standpoint, what measures should have been taken by the company to prevent such claims?

Question 3. Question : (TCO A) Emmanuel & Peterson is an extremely busy law firm specializing in litigation. In order to keep up with the workload, the firm refuses to hire anyone as a secretary who is unable to type at least 65 words per minute. As a result, there are no male secretaries working for the firm. A group of male applicants files litigation that challenges this policy. Explain the legal basis for the suit, the likelihood of prevailing in the cause of action, and the defenses available to the firm.


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Devry HRM 593 Midterm Exam Latest

Best Devry HRM 593 Midterm Exam Latest
Devry HRM 593 Midterm Exam Latest


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