Devry HSM 410 Final Course Project Latest



Devry HSM 410 Final Course Project Latest

Course Project: Healthcare Policy Analysis Paper


For HSM410, you will be completing a Healthcare Policy Analysis Paper. You will be required to choose a single past, current, or proposed legislative item to analyze. Below, you will find the deadlines and requirements of this project. All assignments related to the project, including the final version of your paper, total 240 points, or 24% of your overall class grade.


Due by the end of Week 2:Submit a brief description of the problem/issue that your legislation addresses and the legislation itself that you will analyze in your paper.

Due by the end of Week 5:Submit a formal outline of the paper, followed by a list of your current sources.

Due by the end of Week 7:Submit the final version of your Policy Paper, including your Works Cited page.


It is expected that you will provide a focused topic that identifies a problem/issue of concern and the legislation that is/has/will address the problem. Once you have identified your legislation, you will not be allowed to change. Complete some preliminary research to ensure that you have enough sources and information available to meet both the page length and number of source requirements.Topic (Week 2):30 points

Topics such as HIPAA and Medicare (for example) are too broad for this assignment. You need to focus your topic on a specific aspect, such as the Privacy Rules of HIPAA or the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit.

Outline (Week 5):60 points

It is expected that the Outline be submitted in a formal outline format as demonstrated below. Your outline should show enough detail to demonstrate that you have begun thinking about the organization of your paper and the research required for the topic. After your outline, please submit a listing of the sources that you have already identified for your paper.

  1. I.Each Roman numeral should be a main section of the paper.
  2. A.Subpoint
  3. 1.Details of Subpoint
  4. a.Related details to the Subpoint
  5. B.Subpoint

Final Paper (Week 7):150 points

It is expected that the final version of your Healthcare Policy Analysis Paper will be 8-10 pages in length, with 6-8 sources identified. Your paper should be 12-pt.Times New Roman font, double spaced, with standard margins. You should have a thesis statement in your introduction identifying the legislation/policy that your paper will be addressing.

APA in-text citation is required in addition to listing all of your sources on a Works Cited Page at the end of the document. Your grade will be affected if you do not cite or identify your sources correctly.

Below is a list of questions that should be addressed in the body of your paper.

  1. What is the legislation/policy that will be analyzed in this paper?
  2. What is the problem/issue that this legislation attempts to address?
  3. What is the history of the legislation?
  4. Has (or will) the legislation been effective in addressing the problem or issue?
  5. What group(s) of people have been the most affected by the problem?
  6. Is there any information on the future of this legislation? (Revision, obsolete, status of bill, etc.)


Review the tutorials available in THE HUB on research, plagiarism, and APA citations. In addition, there are APA review materials available in Doc Sharing and in the Syllabus.

For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, please Grading Information
Category Points % Description
Documentation & Formatting 15 15% A quality paper will include proper citations and a Works Cited page. The number of sources identified and cited meets the paper requirements.
Organization and Cohesiveness 25 25% A quality paper will include an introduction based upon a well-formed thesis statement. The logical order of the content will be derived from the thesis statement. The content will be properly subdivided into sections derived from the outline. The conclusion will summarize the previously presented content, and will complement the thesis statement from the introduction.
Editing 10 10% A quality paper will be free of any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. Sentences and paragraphs will be clear, concise, and factually correct.
Content 100 50% A quality paper will meet the page requirement and have significant scope and depth of research to support any statements. Relevant illustration or examples are encouraged. A quality paper will employ sound use of reasoning and logic to reinforce conclusions.
Total 150 100% A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


Final Paper Rubric
Content – 50% of overall grade Points %
Meets Page Requirement 10 10%
Depth and Scope of Research 40 40%
Answers all of project questions 30 30%
Use of sound logic 20 20%
Total 100 points 100%
Editing – 10% of overall grade Points %
Spelling, Punctuation, or Grammatical Errors 3 30%
Sentence Meaning Unclear 3 30%
Misstatement of Fact 4 40%
Total 10 points 100%
Organization – 25% of overall grade Points %
Introduction; Thesis statement clearly identified legislation to be addressed 10 40%
Body text follows an organized plan to address the main points 5 20%
Content sub-divisions follow outline 5 20%
Conclusion summarizes; complements thesis; contains no new information 5 20%
Total 25 points 100%
Documentation – 15% of overall grade Points Deduction %
Properly uses in-text citation 8 54%
Works Cited 7 46%
Total (not to exceed) 15 points 100%
Category Totals Possible Points %
Content 100 50%
Organization and Cohesiveness 25 20%
Editing 10 15%
Documentation and Formatting 15 15%
Total 150 points 100%

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Devry HSM 410 Final Course Project Latest

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Devry HSM 410 Final Course Project Latest


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