Devry HSOP 330 All Assignments latest



Devry HSOP 330 All Assignments latest

Devry HSOP 330 Week 1 Assignment latest

Assignment – Case Study

Case: You are the event leader for a statewide exposition being held in the capital of your state. This will be a 3-day event in the middle of summer and will have indoor and outdoor venues focusing on the strong industries of your state. Your contract requires you to completely create and implement the entire event with 2 years’ notice. The event needs a lot of creativity and organization. The event needs to focus on both young and old participants.

There are two parts to this assignment.

First: Mind map the event – see figure 2.7 on page 48 of your text. Create a similar mind map listing and fully answering the why, who, when, where, and what questions. In this week’s lecture, you’ll find an example of a mind map that will help you with this assignment.

Second: What tasks will you perform in each of the five stages (research, design, planning, coordination, and evaluation)? Elaborate on each stage and task.

Go beyond the text . . . include Internet or library research, and be sure to include references in your paper (this can be an additional page beyond the page-count criteria).

Devry HSOP 330 Week 2 Assignment latest

Assignment – Five Senses Analysis

Submit a 2–3 page (double-spaced) paper describing how you would use a focus group to establish the correct design of an event (you may use any event of your choice). Focus on the five senses in this analysis. How would you use this focus group? What types of questions would you ask? How would you conduct the focus group? These are just some questions to answer in your–hmt330_week_2_assignment.docx”>herefor more details about this assignment.

Submit your assignment to the Week 2 Assignments Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read

Devry HSOP 330 Week 3 Assignment latest

Course Project

Submit a draft of an event budget for the event you have chosen for your final project.–hmt330_week_3_assignment.docx”>event budgetwill indicate the needed funds to operate the event.–Week_3_Event_Budget_Template.docx”>herefor the template format of the event budget. Type directly into the table, save to your computer, and submit via the assignment dropbox.

For course project information, please see the Course Project tab under Course Home.

Devry HSOP 330 Week 5 Assignment latest

Assignment – You Decide Case Study

Please complete the You Decide case study assignment, Trials of the Trade Show, and answer the case questions.

You decide:

  1. What should be included in the exhibitor’s policies, procedures, and practices, and regulations?
  2. How do you design the exhibit floor to avoid crowding, gridlock, and other crowd control issues?
  3. What do you do if an exhibitor violates regulations?
  4. How do you communicate effectively with union workers?
  5. What are some creative solutions to ensure that buyers visit underutilized areas of the exhibit area?

Note to the student: You are being graded on your demonstration of reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical abilities in applying what you are learning about market research. If you use your text or outside sources of information, please provide in-text citations and references using APA or MLA formatting.

Devry HSOP 330 Week 6 Assignment latest

Assignment – Internet Marketing Plan

Create an Internet marketing plan for your event or to market yourself as an event planner for your final project–hmt330_week_6_assignment.docx”>Internet Marketing Planwill provide a review of your marketing and advertising ideas.

Devry HSOP 330 Week 7 Assignment latest

Assignment – You Decide Case Study: Good Luck Grads

This week, your assignment is a You Decide situation. Please review the case under the You Decide tab and then complete the questions. You will have four questions to complete. Please complete each question in 300 words or less. Complete your assignment offline and submit it as a Word document to the Dropbox. Please make sure that you keep a copy of your answers. You do not need to include references for this assignment.

Based on the information above, write a short report to address the following issues:

  1. How can the university clearly identify who is in charge of planning the luncheon when it arranges for next year’s event
  2. What type of efficient organizational chart would you recommend for such events in an academic environment?
  3. What other techniques would be helpful to save, track, and retrieve in the event history?
  4. How would you create a checklist for the various elements of the event?

In your response be sure to incorporate what you perceive to be the goals of your organization and how they would impact your decision.


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Devry HSOP 330 All Assignments latest

Best Devry HSOP 330 All Assignments latest
Devry HSOP 330 All Assignments latest


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