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Devry HSOP 330 Full Course Latest


Devry HSOP 330 Full Course (all discussion assignments course project )

Devry HSOP 330 All Discussions Latest

Devry HSOP 330 Week 1 Discussions latest


Event Leadership Profession (graded)

What type of events do event professionals manage? List some possible events that you have witnessed or in which you participated. Do you think they were well planned and managed? What made them special? What made them memorable? Challenge your classmates–did you attend a similar event or even the same one?


After reading the text, do you think timing is the most important aspect of event planning? Why? Why not? Do you think space and tempo are more important? If you had to choose ONE as the most important, which would you choose and why? Why is it superior to the others?

Devry HSOP 330 Week 2 Discussions latest


pecial Needs in Events (graded)

What are the special needs of your guests during an event? As an event manager how would you satisfy the special needs of the guests?

This section lists options that can be used to view responses.


Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures (graded)

What policies and procedures would you include in recruiting and orientating your event staff and volunteers? What procedures would you use to motivate you event staff and volunteers?

Devry HSOP 330 Week 3 Discussions latest


Give some examples on how you would orient, train, and educate your event staff. How would you, as an event manager, motivate and inspire your staff and the volunteers?


Explain some ways that an event budget can be managed for a project. Think about a small event with a small budget versus a large event with a large budget and the methods you could employ. Please provide examples.

Devry HSOP 330 Week 4 Discussions latest


How would you, as an Event Manager, deal with acquiring vendors for your events? What would be the proper steps?


Select and explain one element of managing an on-site event production. How does it enhance or diminish the event or function?

Devry HSOP 330 Week 5 Discussions latest


What kind of risk management procedures would you set in place for an event? What risks can you plan for? How can you mitigate them prior to or during an event?


Compare and contrast ethics, law, and morals. Give an example in relation to an event of what you consider unethical and against the law, and your personal views on morals.

Devry HSOP 330 Week 6 Discussions latest


The five Ps of marketing are Product, Promotion, Price, Public Relations, and Place. Which do you think is the most importantPin advertising and marketing an event? Yes, they’re all important; what I want to know is on which would you put the most emphasis and why.


Explain the role, scope, and potential of online consumer-generated media to advance your event. How would you maximize Internet marketing opportunities?

Devry HSOP 330 Week 7 Discussions latest


Describe some current and future technology trends in event management. What would be a perfect event management solution?


Describe some of the less-than-obvious career choices you have in event management. What are some of the subfields in event management?


Devry HSOP 330 All Assignments latest

Devry HSOP 330 Week 1 Assignment latest

Assignment – Case Study

Case: You are the event leader for a statewide exposition being held in the capital of your state. This will be a 3-day event in the middle of summer and will have indoor and outdoor venues focusing on the strong industries of your state. Your contract requires you to completely create and implement the entire event with 2 years’ notice. The event needs a lot of creativity and organization. The event needs to focus on both young and old participants.

There are two parts to this assignment.

First: Mind map the event – see figure 2.7 on page 48 of your text. Create a similar mind map listing and fully answering the why, who, when, where, and what questions. In this week’s lecture, you’ll find an example of a mind map that will help you with this assignment.

Second: What tasks will you perform in each of the five stages (research, design, planning, coordination, and evaluation)? Elaborate on each stage and task.

Go beyond the text . . . include Internet or library research, and be sure to include references in your paper (this can be an additional page beyond the page-count criteria).

Devry HSOP 330 Week 2 Assignment latest

Assignment – Five Senses Analysis

Submit a 2–3 page (double-spaced) paper describing how you would use a focus group to establish the correct design of an event (you may use any event of your choice). Focus on the five senses in this analysis. How would you use this focus group? What types of questions would you ask? How would you conduct the focus group? These are just some questions to answer in your–hmt330_week_2_assignment.docx”>herefor more details about this assignment.

Submit your assignment to the Week 2 Assignments Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read

Devry HSOP 330 Week 3 Assignment latest


Course Project

Submit a draft of an event budget for the event you have chosen for your final project.–hmt330_week_3_assignment.docx”>event budgetwill indicate the needed funds to operate the event.–Week_3_Event_Budget_Template.docx”>herefor the template format of the event budget. Type directly into the table, save to your computer, and submit via the assignment dropbox.

For course project information, please see the Course Project tab under Course Home.


Devry HSOP 330 Week 5 Assignment latest

Assignment – You Decide Case Study

Please complete the You Decide case study assignment, Trials of the Trade Show, and answer the case questions.

You decide:

  1. What should be included in the exhibitor’s policies, procedures, and practices, and regulations?
  2. How do you design the exhibit floor to avoid crowding, gridlock, and other crowd control issues?
  3. What do you do if an exhibitor violates regulations?
  4. How do you communicate effectively with union workers?
  5. What are some creative solutions to ensure that buyers visit underutilized areas of the exhibit area?

Note to the student: You are being graded on your demonstration of reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical abilities in applying what you are learning about market research. If you use your text or outside sources of information, please provide in-text citations and references using APA or MLA formatting.

Devry HSOP 330 Week 6 Assignment latest

Assignment – Internet Marketing Plan

Create an Internet marketing plan for your event or to market yourself as an event planner for your final project–hmt330_week_6_assignment.docx”>Internet Marketing Planwill provide a review of your marketing and advertising ideas.

Devry HSOP 330 Week 7 Assignment latest

Assignment – You Decide Case Study: Good Luck Grads

This week, your assignment is a You Decide situation. Please review the case under the You Decide tab and then complete the questions. You will have four questions to complete. Please complete each question in 300 words or less. Complete your assignment offline and submit it as a Word document to the Dropbox. Please make sure that you keep a copy of your answers. You do not need to include references for this assignment.

Based on the information above, write a short report to address the following issues:

  1. How can the university clearly identify who is in charge of planning the luncheon when it arranges for next year’s event
  2. What type of efficient organizational chart would you recommend for such events in an academic environment?
  3. What other techniques would be helpful to save, track, and retrieve in the event history?
  4. How would you create a checklist for the various elements of the event?

In your response be sure to incorporate what you perceive to be the goals of your organization and how they would impact your decision.


Devry HSOP 330 Course Project latest

Course Project: EVENT PLAN″>Objective|″>Guidelines|″>Project Information|″>Grading Rubrics|″>Best Practices

OBJECTIVE”>Back to Top

Apply concepts learned in class to develop a real-world event plan.


  • Papers must be a minimum of 3,000 words
  • Follow APA standards for formatting, citations, and reference page.
  • Even though this is not a scientific-type writing assignment, and is mostly creative in nature, references are required.
  • The final project should contain at least 6 authoritative, outside references (anonymous authors or web pages are not acceptable).
  • All DeVry University policies are in effect, including the plagiarism policy.
  • Any questions about this paper may be discussed in the weekly Q&A forum.
  • The course project is worth a total of190 points, which is submitted in two assignments.
    1. Event Draft Budget, 45 points (week 3)
    2. Final Project, 145 points (week 7)
  • Papers will be graded on quality of research topic, documentation and formatting, organization and cohesiveness, editing, and most importantly, the quality of the content.


Over the next 7 weeks, you will be building your Course Project. This should be an original event created for this class; do not use an event that you may have previously planned. The Course Project will be your own event, to include key theoretical elements from this course. In general, you want to focus on an event that’s big enough to be detailed properly and small enough to be completed within 7 weeks! In other words, do not choose the Olympics (too big) or your company’s annual Christmas Party (too small)!

You are the Event Leader and planner of your event, and your course project should encompass the following items in the following sequence (use this as an outline for your project).

  1. Title page
  2. Table of content
  3. Introduction
  4. Expectations of the event planners, client, attendees, and other stakeholders. What are their goals? Then, review how you will meet those goals.
  5. Describe the concept and theme that you have selected based on the stakeholders’ expectations. Present any background or facts that will enable the reader to clearly understand the issues. Explain why you chose that concept and theme, and how it supports the goals of the event. Include the number of attendees, exhibitors (if any), location, date, staff, and any sub-events, as appropriate.
  6. Prepare the event budget and describe how you will realistically acquire needed funds (if through sponsorship, attendance, etc). Also include if this is a for-profit, break-even, or not-for-profit event.
  7. Review the contracts, permits, and ethical issues you may encounter. Explain any potential legal implications.
  8. Choose a location for this event. Research the Internet for various possibilities. Give a brief analysis and description of the location. Include a detailed description of décor, furniture, fixtures, or any special requirements.
  9. Describe how you will set this event. Include a timeline, which works backwards from the start time detailing the load-in factors and set-up times.
  10. Explain how you plan to market the event. How would you create interest with the potential attendees of the event? What type of pre-event communications might be used to motivate the guests or attendees?
  11. How will your guests or attendees be arriving? How are they traveling to the event? How will they be greeted when they arrive to the event site?
  12. Describe the event atmosphere and physical environment at the event site. Explain the venue at the event site.
  13. Describe your plan for any food or beverages served at the event: menu, serving style. Explain how the menu and serving style correlate with the concept and theme of the event.
  14. Describe your plan for activities at the event. Thoroughly explain the activities and what you require for this event. What type of entertainment will you have? An event is like a theatrical play; it has a plot, message, and characters (event components).
  15. When an event is over, all that is left are memories. What amenities might you give to your guests; a giveaway that will provide a tangible memory?
  16. Review the vendors you will be using to handle aspects of your event (such as catering).
  17. Detail technology you will be using — audio/visual, interactive, communications, or other special technology required for your event.
  18. Review safety and security policies, and procedures you would incorporate into the event.
  19. What accommodations do you need for special needs of your guests?
  20. Detail how you would manage the cleaning and breakdown of the event.
  21. Include a summary and/or conclusion for your project.
  22. Include a reference page.

Milestones (See Syllabus for Due Dates)

  • Week 2(not graded, but required):In the discussion topic “Final Course Project Topic,” post your suggested event. Please provide the name of the event and a review of your concept and theme.

As you consider your course project, you should think about what types of events that interest you the most and events with which you have the most experience. For example, if you attended a large number of trade shows, you might want to develop a trade show concept, or you may have enjoyed social events like weddings or alumni meetings. Ask yourself: what event concepts do I feel most comfortable in developing? The answer is probably a good place to start in developing your concept.

  • Week 3:Prepare a rough draft of your event project (45 points). The budget must match the event plan you are considering.The budget will include the necessary labor and materials to run and manage your event. Include total costs for the event and revenue required to support the event with expected profits. The use of the budgetary form provided in Doc Sharing will assist you in covering the event budget requirements.
  • Week 7:Final paper is due (145 points). The Course Project will be your own event, to include key theoretical elements from this course. In general, you want to focus on an event that is big enough to be detailed properly and small enough to be completed within 7 weeks.


The course project is worth a total of 190 points, which is submitted in two assignments.

Assignments Points
Event Budget Draft (Week 3) 45
Final Project, 145 points (week 7) 145

The Event Budget Draft grading rubric

The event budget draft must be completed in full for your event. The budget must match the event plan you are considering.

  • Briefly discuss the theme of the event you selected.
  • The budget will include the necessary labor and materials to run manage your event
  • Total costs for the event
  • Revenue required to support the event
  • Your expected profits

The use of the budgetary form provided will assist you in covering the requirements of preparing your event budget.

The Final Project grading rubric

Category Points % Description
Documentation and Formatting 15 10% Completion of entire paper to include and address all topic sections within the Project. Please see the list of requirements in the outline in the Course Project Tab in the Course Home.
Organization and Cohesiveness 15 10% A quality Project will include an introduction based upon a well formed project statement. The logical order of the content will be derived from the project statement. The content will be properly subdivided into sections derived from the outline.In a quality Project, the conclusion will summarize the previously presented content, and will complement the thesis statement from the introduction.
Editing 15 10% A quality Project will be free of any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. Sentences and paragraphs will be clear, concise, and factually correct.
Content 100 69% A quality Project will have significant scope and depth of research to support any statements. Relevant illustration or examples are encouraged. A quality Project will employ the sound use of reasoning and logic to reinforce conclusions. It is required that each topic listed in the outline requirements in the Course Project Tab in the Course Home must be adequately covered with good content and quality.
Total 145 100% A Quality Project will meet or exceed all the above requirements.


  • Table of Content– List the main sections and the pages in which they are located. Illustrations should be included separately.
  • Introduction –This introduces the content of your paper to include why the subject is important, previews main ideas in the order in which they will be covered, questions that will be asked and answered, and establishes a tone for the document. An introduction also provides a reason for the audience to read the paper.
  • Body of Your Report– Use a title with the name of your project; for example: “The Development of Hotel X – A World Class Resort.” Then, break out the main ideas. State the main ideas, state major points in each idea, provide evidence. Show some type of division like headings for separate sections. You would include the information you found during your research and investigation. Follow the outlined provided above.
  • Conclusion– An effective conclusion summarizes the main ideas and supports major points from the paper. Minor details are left out. Summarize the benefits of the ideas and how they affect the tourism industry.
  • References– APA format.

Tips on Preparing an Academic Paper

  1. Apply a three-step process of writing: Plan, Write, and Complete.
  2. Prepare an outline of your research paper before you go forward (one is provided above).
  3. Complete a first draft, and then go back to edit, evaluate, and make required changes.
  4. Use visual communication to further clarify and support the written part of your report. You could use example graphs, diagrams, photographs, flowcharts, maps, drawings, animation, video clips, pictograms, tables, and Gantt charts. Remember, these items should enhance a paper vs. dominate.”>



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