DeVry JADM 350 Week 2 Assignment Latest



DeVry JADM 350 Week 2 Assignment Latest


Paper #1 Due – Blood Spatter Analysis

Review″>Blood Spatter Analysistutorial and see the table below:

Angle of Impact Type Other Spatter Size
Lamp 10 Arterial Gushing Transfer Pattern High velocity, <1-<2 mm
Wall 90 Cast-off Flow Pattern Medium velocity, <3 mm
Floor 90 Cast-off Medium velocity, <3 – pooled
Door handle 60 Cast-off Low velocity, 3-10mm
Sheets and Clothes 60 Cast-off Low velocity, 3- pooled
  • String convergence shows the lamp as central
  • Point of origin appears to be close to the wall
  • Flow patterns indicate sheets affected most
  • Blood fully clotted, little skeletonization, no spattered clots, no apparent coughing of blood

Using the Blood Spatter Analysis tutorial and the table provided, identify the gaps in evidence. Use your knowledge of the EBSCOHost database and find an article which discusses one of the following research methodologies and its application to evaluating blood spatter evidence. Prepare a one-to-two-page paper for your instructor which:

  1. Identifies which research methodology the authors used.
  2. Summarizes the research article.
  3. Discusses why you chose this article.
  4. Identifies how you would apply this methodology to the fact pattern here.
  5. Identifies the next steps you would take in your investigation to close those gaps.

Make sure that your paper complies with APA, 6th ed. Style formatting. Refer to the APA resources posted in the Doc Sharing tab in your class, or to DeVry library and writing center resources. Remember, you must post your initial response on the discussion board by Day 3 of Week 2 at the latest. Your paper should include a comparison of your initial response to that of your classmates, and include any changes in your perspective based on their posts.

This paper is worth 100 points. A rubric for this assignment is available in Doc Sharing.


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DeVry JADM 350 Week 2 Assignment Latest

Best DeVry JADM 350 Week 2 Assignment Latest
DeVry JADM 350 Week 2 Assignment Latest


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