Devry LAW 310 Week 7 Discussions Latest



Devry LAW 310 Week 7 Discussions Latest

Copyright—Enough, Already? (graded)

As discussed in the Week 7 Lecture, Justices Breyer and Ginsberg come at the purpose of Article I, Section 8 from entirely different perspectives. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg maintains that the general purpose of the clause is to promote the dissemination of existing and future works. Justice Stephen Breyer takes an opposing view – that the purpose is to promote the production of new works.

Who do you think has the right side of the argument, and why?

Biometric Man

The movieMinority Report showed scenes of characters walking through a mall where billboards greet them by name and suggest purchases of products that they would be interested in. How did the billboards know it was Tom Cruise, and not someone else? Biometrics. Biometrics is the science of measuring and statistically analyzing biological data. It could be through fingerprints, retinal scans, facial scans, DNA. Technology is sufficiently sophisticated to digitalize this information and code it into a credit-card chip.

Should we download ourselves? What is the potential upside? What is the downside?

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Devry LAW 310 Week 7 Discussions Latest

Best Devry LAW 310 Week 7 Discussions Latest
Devry LAW 310 Week 7 Discussions Latest


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