Devry LAW 310 Week 7 Homework Latest



Devry LAW 310 Week 7 Homework Latest


  1. The internet has made the world smaller and enlarged our access to information. However, for every positive benefit of the internet, there is a negative aspect. We have a loss of privacy, our financial profile can be compromised, and we cannot trust all information we access on the internet. What does Justin Hurwitz mean when he states that the internet was “built on a foundation of trust”? What is the current state of this foundation of trust? You should cite to examples and resources to support your opinion.
  1. Every day we read stories of people who engage in deception on the internet, whether it is creating a dating profile which bears no likeness to what they really look like, or students who find information and pass it off as their own work.Should there be ethical standards for behavior on the internet? What would you propose and how could those standards be enforced? Should people be able to say or do whatever they choose in an online environment? Are there circumstances in which information on the internet should be censored? How do the United States and China differ in how each country allows its citizens’ access to information on the internet?

You may include your answers to both questions in one Word document. Your answers to each question should be in the form of a short essay. Two or three sentences will not be sufficient. If you cite to any resources, including the text or articles from this week, you must use correct APA formatting. All submissions should include a cover page, body of text, and a references page. An abstract or table of contents is not required. Additionally, you must include a minimum of five resources in addition to the articles in this week’s readings. No more than one website may be listed as a resource; all remaining resources must be scholarly journal articles from the DeVry library.

Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page

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Devry LAW 310 Week 7 Homework Latest

Best Devry LAW 310 Week 7 Homework Latest
Devry LAW 310 Week 7 Homework Latest


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