DeVry MIS 535 All Course Project Latest



DeVry MIS 535 All Course Project Latest

DeVry MIS 535 Week 3 Course Project Proposal Latest

Course Project Proposal

The proposal must be submitted and feedback received from the professor before beginning the project.

The table of contents for the Course Project proposal:

  • Subject of Course Project
  • Business problem statement
  • Name of the company or organization
  • Brief description of proposed solution
  • General benefits it will provide the organization
  • Audience to whom you are presenting the recommendations

The Course Project proposal is due no later than 11:59 p.m. MT of Week 2.

DeVry MIS 535 Week 7 Course Project Latest

Course Project

The project should follow the APA style of citing references in the text and on the bibliography page. No fewer than five references must be used for research and properly cited in the paper and in the bibliography.

Ensure correct spelling and grammar (use built-in tool with MS Word).

Credible reference sources are available through the DeVry Library and other sources. Please do not use Wikipedia.

The project must be 10–15 pages in length (excluding the cover page, table of contents, bibliography and any attachments which includes images, tables or graphs), double spaced, using Times New Roman font, 12-point, using 1 inch margins and headings for the paper format requirements.

The table of contents for the Course Project:

  • Cover page
  • Table of contents
  • Abstract
  • Brief company background
  • Discussion of business problem(s)
  • High level solution
  • Benefits of solving the problem
  • Business or technical approach
  • Business process changes
  • Technology or business practices used to augment the solution
  • Conclusions and overall recommendations
  • High-level implementation plan
  • Summary of project
  • References
  • Appendices

The project is due no later than 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday of Week 6.

DeVry MIS 535 Week 7 Power Point Presentation Course Project Latest

Power Point Presentation

In addition to the paper, please include a PowerPoint presentation, including substantive speaker notes for each slide and add an audio track for each slide. Please include references (more than five) in the slides and have a separate bibliography at the end of the presentation.

Instructions for recording the audio track in PowerPoint 2010/2013

  • Connect a mic to your computer
  • Turn on and test the mic
  • Open MS PowerPoint
  • Create presentation and save
  • Go to the slide show tab
  • In the slide show tab press either
    • Start recording from beginning
    • Start recording from current slide
  • When you are finished with the audio for the current slide, press the right arrow to continue to the next slide.
  • Continue to speak into the mic until you finish showing your slides, and press stop to stop recording.

The PowerPoint presentation is due no later than 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday of Week 7.


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DeVry MIS 535 All Course Project Latest

Best DeVry MIS 535 All Course Project Latest
DeVry MIS 535 All Course Project Latest


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