Devry MKTG 310 Midterm Exam Latest



Devry MKTG 310 Midterm Exam Latest



Question 1.1.(TCO 3) Advertising to teens typically depicts _____. (Points : 5)

respected adults recommending the product
qualified experts explaining the benefit of the product
“in” teens using the product
family members of two or three generations using the product together


Question 2.2.(TCO 5) Research has indicated that the color _____ creates feelings of arousal and stimulates appetite. (Points : 5)



Question 3.3.(TCO 2) When new immigrants arrive in this country, they tend to cluster geographically. The primary source of information and advice for this group comes from which of the following? (Points : 5)

Consulates or embassies
The local community where the immigrant locates
Relatives in the immigrant’s home country


Question 4.4.(TCO 1) Walmart tracks the habits of the 100 million customers who visit its stores each week and responds with products and services directed toward those customers’ needs based on the information collected. This is an example of _____ marketing. (Points : 5)



Question 5.5.(TCO 1) Identify the difference between a need and a want.(Points : 40)

Question 6.6.(TCO 7) Describe the basic premise of motivational research and how it might be conducted.(Points : 40)

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Devry MKTG 310 Midterm Exam Latest

Best Devry MKTG 310 Midterm Exam Latest
Devry MKTG 310 Midterm Exam Latest





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