Devry MKTG 320 Midterm Exam Latest



Devry MKTG 320 Midterm Exam Latest


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Question 1.1.(TCO 1) Which best describes Market research as it relates to different firms: (Points : 5)

Internal if the firm is small
External if the firm is large
Based on the needs of the firm
None of the above


Question 2.2.(TCO 1) In the marketing planning process, scanning the environment and identifying threats and opportunities is: (Points : 5)

Situation analysis
Strategy development
Marketing program development
Opportunity analysis


Question 3.3.(TCO 1) Which is not a function of Database analysis: (Points : 5)

Extracting data from existing databases.
Performing statistical analysis to better understand customers and their behavior.
Database administration.
Merging cleaned data with other relevant data.


Question 4.4.(TCO 2) A syndicated research differs from a customized research in that: (Points : 5)

It takes less time to complete a research project.
It is jointly sponsored by several different organizations.
It provides more accurate data.
None of the above.


Question 5.5.(TCO 2) The most economical and fastest sources of information are generally provided by: (Points : 5)

Secondary data
Qualitative data
None of the above


Question 6.6.(TCO 2) Firms that work with individual clients and help them develop and implement a complete marketing research project are called providers of:(Points : 5)

Customized services
Syndicated services
Selective services
Field services


Question 7.7.(TCO 3) Errors commonly found in research design include: (Points : 5)

Selection Error
Measurement Error
Data Analysis Error
All of the above


Question 8.8.(TCO 3) The following is not a part of the Research Objectives: (Points : 5)

Research question
Analysis of results
Development of hypotheses


Question 9.9.(TCO 4) Which of the following can be called exploratory research? (Points : 5)

Case studies

All are examples of exploratory research



Question 10.10.(TCO 4) Descriptive research can be defined as: (Points : 5)

A research approach which is used when a researcher needs general insights into a problem.
An approach to determine cause-and-effect relationships.
A snapshot of some aspect of the marketing environment at a particular point in time.
An approach which isolates all causal factors.


Question 11.11.(TCO 4) Of the following research questions, which could not be answered by exploratory research? (Points : 5)

How does revenue vary with the size of our company’s sales staff?
What do customers expect from our product?
What are the alternative means of transportation for urban commuters?
Are customers satisfied with our product?


Question 12.12.(TCO 4) The probability based scheduling approach that recognizes and measures the uncertainty of the project completion times is the: (Points : 5)

GANTT chart
PERT chart
Critical Path Method
GERT chart


Question 13.13.(TCO 4) Which one of the following provides a standard source of recurring data? (Points : 5)



Question 14.14.(TCO 4) Which of the following statements about internal records is false? (Points : 5)

Internal records provide data on marketing inputs and outputs.
The data in internal records are intended to satisfy many different information needs and may be inappropriate for marketing decisions.
The time frames in which variables such as sales are measured will always correspond to those used in external data.
Records of sales staff activity may be exaggerated.


Question 15.15.(TCO 5) The tendency for new members of a panel to report unusual levels of purchase is the result of: (Points : 5)

Testing effects
Selection bias
Probability sampling

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Question 1.1.(TCO 5) Which of the following is true about computer scanner checkouts? (Points : 5)

They record purchases by passing them over a laser scanner.
One of their advantages to the researcher is the ability to look at data over short periods of time.
Consumers’ purchase data can be instantly accessed.
All of the above.


Question 2.2.(TCO 5) Which one of the following is not an expert system based on scanner data services? (Points : 5)

Sales advisor
Promotion simulator
Economic Information System


Question 3.3.(TCO 5) Which of the following is not an application of the standardized data source? (Points : 5)

Measuring promotion effectiveness
Measuring ad exposure and effectiveness
Measuring product sales and market shares
Identifying newer markets


Question 4.4.(TCO 5) Which of the following is not true about complaint letters? (Points : 5)

Complaint letters are sources of data on product quality and service problems.
Complaint letters represent an incomplete and distorted picture.
People who write complaint letters are likely to be highly educated and articulate.
Complaint letters are the most commonly used method for consumers to resolve a dissatisfaction.


Question 5.5.(TCO 5) A uniform numbering system for classifying establishments according to the types of goods and services they provide is: (Points : 5)

Market Identifiers
Standard Industrial Classification
Compustat services
Valueline database


Question 6.6.(TCO 6) True measure of effectiveness of ads on the WWW is measured by: (Points : 5)

“Click-through” rates
Number of Web cruisers seeing the ad
None of the above


Question 7.7.(TCO 6) ____________ focus groups are based on the premise that true motivations and feelings are subconscious in nature. (Points : 5)



Question 8.8.(TCO 6) Behavior recording devices include all of the following except: (Points : 5)

A pupilometer
A psycholgalvonometer
An audimeter


Question 9.9.(TCO 6) The moderator of a focus group should: (Points : 5)

Try to keep the discussion as close to a question-answer session as possible.
Encourage natural group leaders.
Avoid demonstrating an interest in the views of each participant.
None of the above.


Question 10.10.(TCO 6) Which of the following is not an approach used to collect non-overt primary data? (Points : 5)

Retail store audit
“Garbage research”
Randomized response technique


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Devry MKTG 320 Midterm Exam Latest

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Devry MKTG 320 Midterm Exam Latest


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