Devry MKTG 420 Final Exam Latest



Devry MKTG 420 Final Exam Latest


Question 1.1.(TCO 1) Which of the following are likely to be good reasons for wanting to be promoted to sales management? (Points : 5)

Bored with the sales jobs
The opportunity to make more money
The opportunity to exercise power over others
Both b and c
None of the above


Question 2.2.(TCO 1) According to surveys, the median age of newly appointed field sales managers is:(Points : 5)



Question 3.3.(TCO 1) People in the sales department will generally start in the following position:(Points : 5)

a sales management trainee.
customer service representative.
a field sales representative.
research assistants.
an assistant product manager.


Question 4.4.(TCO 2) Strategies are employed to: (Points : 5)

make better use of company resources
set specific and achievable objectives
sustain an advantage over the competition
both a and c of the above
all of the above


Question 5.5.(TCO 2) Which of the following is not an advantage of personal selling? (Points : 5)

Two-way communication
Reaching a massive number of people quickly
Detailed explanation
Direction towards qualified prospects
All are advantages of personal selling


Question 6.6.(TCO 3) The factor(s) which influence the number of people who are likely to be involved in the decision-making process are: (Points : 5)

how many departments use the product.
the dollar value of the purchase.
the degree of technical sophistication of the product.
both b and c above
all of the above


Question 7.7.(TCO 3) Calculating cost-per-call is an important step in addressing the minimum customer size issue. Cost-per-call is a function of: (Points : 5)

the number of calls made per day.
a salesperson’s direct selling expenses.
gross margin.
both a and b
all of the above


Question 8.8.(TCO 3) Paths for increasing the value of a firm’s customer base include which of the following?(Points : 5)

Acquiring new customers
Reducing the turnover of existing customers
Charging higher prices
Both a and b above are true
All the above are true


Question 9.9.(TCO 3) One of the most significant advantages of personal selling over other forms of marketing is which of the following? (Points : 5)

Face-to-face communication
The salesperson can provide a customized version of the four Ps to each prospect
Acquire lots of wealth
Allows for a sales push orientation
None of the above


Question 10.10.(TCO 3) In order for a prospect to be a qualified lead, a salesperson must gather information about whether the prospect has:(Points : 5)

a genuine need for the product or service.
the buying authority to purchase the product or service.
the financial resources to purchase the product or service.
only a and b above are true
a, b, and c above are all true


Question 11.11.(TCO 3) Technical buyers are most likely to be concerned with which of the following issues? (Points : 5)

The organizational impact of the purchase
The dollar amount of the purchase
Screening out suppliers, not meeting specifications
The operational advantages of the purchase
None of the above


Question 12.12.(TCO 4) What should be accomplished in the Pre-Approach step of the Interactive Selling Process?(Points : 5)

Research is done to provide a basis to deal more effectively with the prospect.
Prospects are analyzed to determine if they are qualified leads.
Information is gathered about the prospect’s company, products, competition, etc.
Information may be gathered about the prospect’s industry.
All of the above.


Question 13.13.(TCO 4) Which of the following skills are used in the post-interaction phase of the selling process? (Points : 5)

Relating to the client
Dealing with dissatisfaction
Advocating a solution
Needs discovery
All of the above


Question 14.14.(TCO 4) Acknowledging an objection shows a sign of what?(Points : 5)

None of the above
All of the above


Question 15.15.(TCO 5) Sales managers can and do have an important influence on the performance of a salesforce. Based on research studies, which of the following personality traits has not been consistently found to be related to sales performance? (Points : 5)

All of the above have been consistently related to sales performance.

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Question 1.1.(TCO 10) Which of the following is not part of the salesforce evaluation model? (Points : 5)

Set goals and objectives for salesforce
Design sales plan
Set performance standards for individual salespeople
Measure results against standards
None of the above (all are part of the salesforce evaluation model)


Question 2.2.(TCO 10) It is best for the attempt to get additional referrals from a prospect to take place: (Points : 5)

when the prospect offers to provide them.
only after a sale is made.
during the follow-up step.
several months after the first presentation was made.
none of the above


Question 3.3.(TCO 9) If a salesperson displays Machiavellian tendencies, we would also expect to find: (Points : 5)

psychological disorders.
abnormally low customer satisfaction.
lower ethics than other salespeople.
lax ethical rules or guidelines put in place by the organization.
a sales management team rewarding such behavior.


Question 4.4.(TCO 9) Two ways to describe individual moral philosophies that are relevant to business decision making are relativism and idealism.Which leads to better ethical decisions? (Points : 5)

In general, relativism leads to better ethical decisions.
Usually, idealism leads to better ethical decisions.
Relativism and idealism produce about the same quality of ethical decision making.
The quality of ethical decisions is only indirectly affected by relativism and idealism.
None of the above


Question 5.5.(TCO 8) A good starting point for developing a salesforce compensation plan is to: (Points : 5)

understand the company’s strategic goals.
choose methods.
determine job specifications.
set pay levels.
assemble the plan.


Question 6.6.(TCO 8) A number of actions can be taken to motivate a salesforce. If the sales manager allows salespeople to help plan sales quotas and the sequence of calls (a task normally completed by the sales manager), the manager is attempting to satisfy which salesforce need? (Points : 5)



Question 7.7.(TCO 8) A major objective of a well-designed compensation package is to: (Points : 5)

provide equal pay to all employees at the same level.
increase sales and revenues.
provide extensive benefits.
encourage. a “hard sell” attitude among the salesforce.
micromanage salesperson behaviors.


Question 8.8.(TCO 8) A salesperson who has the following characteristics can be labeled as having which motivational drive?

– Has a desire to be the best salesperson in the company, but is not interested in outperforming specific people
– Likes to be considered an expert, but is prone to feeling slighted
– Changes jobs frequently
– Takes things personally (Points : 5)

The Competitor
The Ego-driven
The Achiever
The Service-oriented
None of the above


Question 9.9.(TCO 7) You are well aware that your salespeople look up to you for advice and guidance. In a sense, you are a constant role model.However, you also know that without _________, role modeling has no effect on salesperson job satisfaction or performance. (Points : 5)



Question 10.10.(TCO 7) Leadership involves a number of skills. However, you realize that there are certain skills that the best leaders develop. Which of the following is one of those skills?(Points : 5)

Rationally analyzing situations
Coordinating employees
Developing an overall vision in which people can believe
Setting goals
Selecting employees


Question 11.11.(TCO 7) You hired an outside consultant trainer to provide training on relationship selling. One of your salespeople is heckling and disrupting the training specialist during his presentation with comments such as: “I’ve been doing relationship selling for the past five years; tell me something new.” The best situation for effective coaching in this situation would most likely be: (Points : 5)

during the sales meeting and in front of everybody.
within one of the smaller breakout groups later on.
one-on-one during a break.
with several other salespeople after the entire training session is over.
None of the above


Question 12.12.(TCO 7) “Before we go in to this account, what is your objective for this call?” This question is primarily asked to observe a salesperson’s development in which area? (Points : 5)

Selling skills
Probing skills


Question 13.13.(TCO 6) Individual sales training programs may be designed to accomplish which of these specific objectives? (Points : 5)

Time management
Territory management
Product knowledge
Company orientation
All of the above


Question 14.14.(TCO 6) A complete training needs analysis includes which of the following? (Points : 5)

Observation and questioning of salespeople
Review of the firm’s strategic objectives
Customer input
Review of company records
All of the above


Question 15.15.(TCO 6) You have just been promoted to sales manager at your sales consulting firm. One of your first tasks is to re-design the sales training program. You realize that a well-designed sales training program typically begins with: (Points : 5)

determining the training objectives.
an analysis of what the salesforce needs.
the development of a job description for the sales position.
the development of an evaluation system that will provide feedback on the effectiveness of each step of the training process.
establishing a control group that will not undergo training.

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Question 1. 1. (TCO 6) How can sales training contribute to salesforce socialization? Explain your answer in detail. (Points : 20)

Question 2. 2. (TCO 3) What is the role that personal selling has played in creating stronger relationships with customers? Can personal selling strengthen the customer/sales relationship on its own or does a sales manager need to include other sales strategies and tactics to reinforce this relationship? Support your response with an example. (Points : 20)

Question 3. 3. (TCO 7) Why should sales managers be concerned with the job satisfaction of salespeople? Explain your answer in detail. (Points : 20)

Question 4. 4. (TCO 8) What challenges do sales managers face when using team-based compensation? What guidelines can sales managers follow using team-based compensation? (Points : 20)

Question 5. 5. (TCO 10) Discuss the importance of using different types of quotas in evaluating and controlling salesperson performance. Explain your answer in detail. (Points : 20)


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Devry MKTG 420 Final Exam Latest

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