Devry MKTG 420 Week 4 Quiz Latest



Devry MKTG 420 Week 4 Quiz Latest


Question 1.1.(TCO 4) The main objective of developing a strategic account program is to do which of the following?(Points : 5)

Expand geographic sales coverage on a nationwide basis to take full advantage of total sales potential
Provide an enterprise type of relationship with some customers and a consultative relationship to others
Free up more of the regular salesforce’s time
Both a and b above
All of the above


Question 2.2.(TCO 4) Reason(s) for the growing popularity of telemarketing include which of the following?(Points : 5)

Telemarketing sales calls can be very cost effective
Ease in retraining a telemarketing salesforce
Telemarketers are easy to motivate
Only a and c of the above
All of the above


Question 3.3.(TCO 4) When Hyatt Hotels had a separate salesforce dedicated to each of its hotel properties, its salesforce was organized according to which of the following?(Points : 5)

Product line
None of the above


Question 4.4.(TCO 4) The most serious problem with geographic organization is which of the following?(Points : 5)

Salespeople must sell the entire line and may not be sufficiently knowledgeable about all products
It is difficult to set up equitable geographic organizations
It generally results in extensive travel time
It is usually the most costly alternative
Salespeople usually do not like it


Question 5.5.(TCO 5) As the sales manager, you have just finished establishing your firm’s procedures for selecting salespeople. Assuming that you have followed a typical sequential filtering process, and assuming the following numbers for each step in the process,
1 = interviews
2 = examinations
3 = evaluating application blanks
4 = background checks
then the correct procedure your recruiters will follow is which of the following?(Points : 5)

2, 1, 3, 4
3, 1, 2, 4
4, 1, 2, 3
1, 2, 3, 4
the sequence of the steps does not matter


Question 6.6.(TCO 5) You are deciding whether to use a structured interview or a semi-structured interview in your hiring process. The primary advantage of the semi-structured interview process, as compared to the structured interview, is that the semi-structured interview does which of the following?(Points : 5)

Provides a comparison of candidates based on impressions rather than on recall of relevant information
Facilitates comparison of the candidates when more than one person is conducting screening interviews
Provides the candidate a more active role in the direction an interview takes
The questions are not repeated word-for-word to each candidate
All of the above are advantages of the structured interview process


Question 7.7.(TCO 5) An excellent source of sales trainees is educational institutions. However, according to the text, one disadvantage of recruiting sales trainees from reputable colleges is that college students do which of the following?(Points : 5)

Do not know how to budget their time
Lack perseverance
Expect to be promoted to management positions quickly
Generally do not possess oral and written skills
Lack maturity


Question 8.8.(TCO 6) As the branch sales manager for a medium-sized manufacturing firm, you are solely responsible for the sales training for your 10 salespeople. When developing a training program, you would be responsible for all of the following training issues except which one?(Points : 5)

Who should train
What methods to use
When to retrain
None of the above. All are involved in the training program.


Question 9.9.(TCO 6) As a sales manager for a medium-sized e-commerce company, you realize that frequent training is important because of the dynamic nature of the industry. Fortunately, you know that the outcomes, intended or otherwise, of sales training, could include which of the following?(Points : 5)

Improved customer relations
Better morale and control
Increased sales
Reduced turnover
All of the above


Question 10.10.(TCO 6) You have just been promoted to sales manager at your sales consulting firm. One of your first tasks is to re-design the sales training program. You realize that a well-designed sales training program typically begins with which of the following?(Points : 5)

Determining the training objectives
An analysis of what the salesforce needs
The development of a job description for the sales position
The development of an evaluation system that will provide feedback on the effectiveness of each step of the training process
Establishing a control group that will not undergo training


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Devry MKTG 420 Week 4 Quiz Latest

Best Devry MKTG 420 Week 4 Quiz Latest
Devry MKTG 420 Week 4 Quiz Latest




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