Devry NETW 562 Week 8 Final Exam Latest



Devry NETW 562 Week 8 Final Exam Latest

Question 1 20 pts

(TCO A) Explain how a wireless handset receives a call.

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Question 2 20 pts

(TCO B) Assuming that young people put a strong emphasis on “personalization”, how do mobile phone manufacturers and service providers appeal to the youth market?

Question 3 20 pts

(TCO B) What method do most U.S. carriers use for distribution of handsets and how does that effect the development of new features and services?

Question 4 20 pts

(TCO C) Explain the effects of J2ME and BREW on mobile application development.

Question 5 20 pts

(TCO C) From a systems perspective, what can slow cellular carriers from migrating to more WDA services? What is the likely barrier for more WDA customers?

Question 6 20 pts

(TCO D) What is a “Stage 3” system? Give an example of a Stage 3 application.

Question 7 20 pts

(TCO D) What are Stage 2 applications? Is there a natural evolution from Stage 2 applications to Stage 3 applications?

Question 8 20 pts

(TCO E) Discuss 3 key technological improvements that have led to more powerful and useful WDAs.

Question 9 20 pts

(TCO F) Define Supply Chain Management and explain how this business is especially suited for mobile applications.

Question 10 20 pts

(TCO F) What trends are taking place that make wireless handsets more usable for currency, tickets, or “mobile wallets”?

Question 11 25 pts

(TCO G) Evaluate the effect of VoIP on mobile networks.

Question 12 25 pts

(TCO G) Explain how 3G networks and a dual mode mobile handset (Wi-Fi and CDMA) are potential disrupters for wireless companies such as Verizon or Sprint.

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Devry NETW 562 Week 8 Final Exam Latest

Best Devry NETW 562 Week 8 Final Exam Latest
Devry NETW 562 Week 8 Final Exam Latest


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