Devry NETW 584 Assignment Latest



Devry NETW 584 Assignment Latest


grading rubric attached The topic is : “Internet Regulation” use this topic to answer, meet the object and listed questions below. The objective of this course project is to develop a research paper on an area of telecommunications policy. Approach the project as if you were recommending policy initiatives to the FCC. Please review the information below for further details regarding the research paper assignment.


The analysis will have two sections:

  1. 1.For example, examine the view that suggests that the FCC should regulate VoIP technology (or your technology of choice), and then discuss the implications of federal regulation for key stakeholders (telecommunication and technology companies, the consumer, and other business and industries).
  2. 2.Contrast and compare the benefits and risk to society if there is federal regulation in this technology area as opposed to past successful or unsuccessful federal regulation of telecommunications technologies.To what extent should there be federal regulation and what elements would your policy recommendation include to the FCC? Include current information on how the FCC regulates VoIP or your technology of choice. If you believe that VoIP should not be regulated at all, provide your rationale; otherwise, include your suggestion to the FCC on how VoIP should be regulated and your rationale. Please examine and discuss each element of this objective.


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Devry NETW 584 Assignment Latest

Best Devry NETW 584 Assignment Latest
Devry NETW 584 Assignment Latest




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