Devry NR 361 All Week Discussions Latest



Devry NR 361 All Week Discussions Latest

Devry NR 361 Week 1 Discussion latest

AACN Essentials Self-Assessment Results (graded)

Locate the AACN Essentials Self-Assessment in Doc Sharing (Week 1). Complete the self-assessment of your current comfort levels and total your score. If you are willing, please share your total score with your classmates in your discussion post. Identify areas where your knowledge could use improvement. Keep in mind that all professional nurses are knowledge workers. What questions do you have as they relate to nursing informatics and the AACN essentials?

Devry NR 361 Week 2 Discussion latest

Experiences With Healthcare Information Systems (graded)

Share your experiences with healthcare information systems in the past or present. How have the needs of a diverse patient population been met by your systems? If you were assigned to improve the healthcare information systems or electronic health record, what would you suggest to better meet the needs of all patients and of nurses? Why?

Devry NR 361 Week 3 Discussion latest

Opportunities for Improvement with Usability and Interoperability (graded)

Usability and interoperability are major issues to consider in the development of Healthcare Information Systems (HIS). How do your organization’s systems address these issues in terms of transfer of information versus re-entry at various points in the system (emergency department, inpatient, and home care)? With the knowledge you have gained from your readings, what evidence-based suggestions will you make to improve your systems?

Devry NR 361 Week 4 Discussion latest

Your Patient has a PHR (Personal Health Record)… Now What? (graded)

Patient portals and patient health records (PHRs) are commonplace today. What are the pros and cons of having a PHR? What safeguards and decision-making support tools are included in patient portals and PHRs to help patients and healthcare professionals ensure safety?

Devry NR 361 Week 5 Discussion latest

Documentation and Reimbursement (graded)

What is the impact of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) payment denial on the healthcare system? What are the implications for our nursing practice related to use of standardized terminology for documentation? How does this impact patient outcomes?

Devry NR 361 Week 6 Discussion latest

Distractors in our Environment (graded)

Distractions are everywhere. They may include cellphones, the alarms sounding for multiple different reasons, overhead paging, monitors beeping, and staff interrupting our thoughts. Give an example of an ethical or legal issue that may arise if a patient has a poor outcome or sentinel event because of a distraction such as alarm fatigue. What does evidence reveal about alarm fatigue and distraction when it comes to patient safety?

Devry NR 361 Week 7 Discussion latest

Use of Personal Communication Devices in Patient Care Settings (graded)

How can the use of the nurse’s personal communication device(s) impact patient care positively and/or negatively? What are the ethical and legal implications? What does the professional literature say about how communication devices can support safe nursing practice?

Devry NR 361 Week 8 Discussion latest

Reflective and Projected Practice (graded)

Prior to posting, complete the Week 8 AACN Essentials Self-Assessment located in Doc Sharing. Compare your scores from Week 1 to Week 8. How far have you come? How will you use evidence to further improve your nursing informatics knowledge during the next two years of practice?


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Devry NR 361 All Week Discussions Latest

Best Devry NR 361 All Week Discussions Latest
Devry NR 361 All Week Discussions Latest


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