Devry NR 392 Week 1 Course Project Milestone 1 Latest



Devry NR 392 Week 1 Course Project Milestone 1 Latest

Course Project Milestone 1 Guidelines



To apply lessons in quality improvement in nursing to a real world nursing issue. This Course Project will use the Six Sigma DMAIC process.

Course Outcomes

The Course Project enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

CO 1: Identify the role of the BSN nurse in the quality improvement process as a member of the collaborative interprofessional team (PO#2 & 7)

CO 2: Discuss effective processes and strategies to improve quality in nursing (PO#2 & 8)


The entire project is worth 600 points. Milestone 1 is worth 100 points of this total.

Due Date

Submit your completed NR392 Milestone 1 by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT, end of Week 1.

You are required to use the linked Template for Milestone 1 or you will earn a “0” for the assignment. In addition, assignments that do not follow the current guidelines or use the required template will be evaluated for evidence of an academic integrity violation.

After the due date, there will be no opportunity for revision or resubmission of assignments that have been uploaded to the submission area. It is your responsibility to submit the correct assignment to the correct submission area.

Requirements and Guidelines

  • Quality improvement is an important issue in professional nursing today. In Milestone 1, the student will define a nursingcareissue (not a workforce issue such as staffing) from a current or former workplace or clinical setting that could be impacted by improved quality. The student will then provide details about this issue, as well as explain the reason this issue was selected.Milestone 1 is due at the end of Week 1.
  • Download the required Milestone 1 Template (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
  • You are required to complete the form using the productivity tools required by Chamberlain University, which is Microsoft Office Word 2013 (or later version), or Windows and Office 2011 (or later version) for MAC. You must save the file in the “.docx” format. Do NOT save as Word Pad. A later version of the productivity tool includes Office 365, which is available to Chamberlain students for FREE by downloading from the student portal at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Click on the envelope at the top of the page.
  • Carefully review the grading rubric criteria for Milestone 1 and type directly on your saved Milestone 1 Template.
  • The instructor will score Milestone 1 and provide feedback and a clear statement regarding the selected issue:
    • Accepted without revisions,
    • Accepted with revisions needed, OR
    • Not accepted.

If the issue needs revisions or is not accepted, the instructor will indicate if the student should communicate further revisions to the instructor. No additional points will be earned for revisions to Milestone 1 issue, but these revisions will greatly enhance success on later milestones.

Course Project Milestone 1 Template

For Use

Directions: Prior to completing this template, carefully review Course Project Milestone 1 Guidelines paying particular attention to how to name the document and all rubric requirements. After saving the document to your computer, type your answers directly on this template and save again. This assignment is due by Sunday end of Week 1 by 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time.

Your Name:__________________________

Assignment Criteria Your Answers:

(NOTE: See Milestone 1 Grading Rubric for details required in each area.)

Nursing Care Issue and Outcome

30 points

Nursing Care Issue:


Details of the Issue

45 points

Reason Issue Selected

25 points

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Devry NR 392 Week 1 Course Project Milestone 1 Latest

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Devry NR 392 Week 1 Course Project Milestone 1 Latest


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