DeVry NR 500 All Week Discussions Latest



DeVry NR 500 All Week Discussions Latest

DeVry NR 500 Week 1 Discussion Latest

Week 1: The Value of a Master’s-Prepared Nurse

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Consider the current healthcare delivery models and practice settings. Reflect on how nursing practice is transforming in response to the current demands of the healthcare system and answer one of the following questions:

  1. 1.What differentiates the practice of a master’s-prepared nurse compared to that of a baccalaureate-prepared nurse?
  2. 2.What is the value of a master’s degree in nursing?
  3. 3.What do you consider to be the most essential professional competency for a master’s-prepared nurse practicing in the 21st century?

Refer to AACN Essentials, NLN competencies, and CCN Nursing Conceptual Framework. Use at least one outside scholarly article to support your position. Provide an example to illustrate an application to professional practice.

DeVry NR 500 Week 2 Discussion Latest

Week 2: Caring Concepts in Nursing

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This week’s topic is centered on the concept of caring in contemporary nursing practice. In your initial response, provide a definition of caring that aligns with your perspective on the concept of caring. Identify your selected program of study specialty track (Executive, Education, FNP, Healthcare Policy, or Nursing Informatics). Describe how you will apply the principles of caring and holistic nursing in your future professional practice. Use at least one outside scholarly article to support your position. Provide an example to illustrate an application to professional practice.

DeVry NR 500 Week 3 Discussion Latest

Week 3: Knowing Self

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Reflect the concepts addressed in this week’s lesson plan and required reading. Recall a challenging experience in either your personal or professional life. In the initial response, start with an introduction that includes a brief description of two core values that influence your nursing practice and interaction with others. Provide a concise description of the challenging experience. What core values were challenged in this experience? What lessons were learned from this experience? How did the experience inform future professional behaviors, decisions, and actions? Provide a specific example on how lessons learned from the challenging experience were applied in your professional practice. Use at least one outside scholarly reference to support your position.

DeVry NR 500 Week 4 Discussion Latest

Week 4: Leadership: Establishing Relationships and Influencing Change

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This week’s focus is on developing foundational interpersonal skills that will prepare you for professional practice as a leader and change agent. As a leader, how will you influence change in your professional specialty area? Identify two strengths you have that will promote strong leadership. Identify two areas of improvement to your skill in leading and influencing change. What are two priority strategies you will implement as professional development tools for leadership?

DeVry NR 500 Week 5 Discussion Latest

Week 5: Evidence-Based Practice

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Discuss the EBP process and importance to nursing practice. Identify your selected specialty track. Provide a rationale on why you selected the specific professional track. Identify a concept or topic you have a passion about or an area of interest related to your future specialty advanced practice area. Provide an example, using the best evidence available, substantiating the significance of your selected area of interest as it relates to your specific specialty track.

DeVry NR 500 Week 6 Discussion Latest

Week 6: Systems-Structure and Function

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Many of you have experience in complex adaptive systems whether you realize it or not. Thinking about your future practice specialty area, identify a situation in which an issue or concern common to your future specialty would impact that system. (Note: This can be the same practice issue identified in Week 5.) In your initial response, please identify your specialty track, as well as the issue or concern. Discuss how this issue or concern will impact the system at the micro, meso, and macro levels. How will you address this issue or concern at each of those levels? What is the expected impact on each of these system levels using your solution(s)? Remember you can use an information technology-based solution to address the issue or concern.

DeVry NR 500 Week 7 Discussion Latest

Week 7: Healthful Environments

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Reflect on an experience in which you were directly involved or witnessed incivility in the workplace. Provide a brief synopsis of the situation. How did this make you feel? How did you respond? What were the consequences of this situation? Provide an example of how this negatively affected the work environment and outcomes. How could the situation have been prevented? Discuss strategies that would support a healthy work environment.

DeVry NR 500 Week 8 Discussion Latest

Week 8: What Did You Learn

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Reflecting on this course, consider and answer the following questions: How do you envision using the AACN essentials and information learned in this course to identify, guide, and evaluate your practicum project? How do you envision using the concepts learned in this course in your future nursing practice?


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DeVry NR 500 All Week Discussions Latest

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DeVry NR 500 All Week Discussions Latest


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