Devry PA 571 All Week Discussions Latest



Devry PA 571 All Week Discussions Latest

Devry PA 571 Week 1 Discussion Latest

Legal Forms of Nonprofit Organization

Phil is an Iraq war veteran who lost one of his arms in combat. Upon an honorable discharge from the military, he decided to form a nonprofit organization to assist wounded veterans to obtain/retain employment when released. Phil knows that the organization needs to become tax exempt. Advise him on how and what else is needed to get started.

Devry PA 571 Week 2 Discussion Latest

Role of the Board

Molly is the executive director of a state-wide nonprofit organization that consists of five offices strategically placed around the state.The purpose of the organization is to provide food for homeless children. Each office has a board of directors for the local office and a major board of directors for the organization overall. Each local office board has one of their board of directors as a member of the overall board of directors. Community and business leaders complete the 12 members of the main board of directors. Molly needs to know what should be the role and duties of the main board as well as the local office board. She contracted with you as a consultant to give advice. What advice will you give Molly on this request? Explain your rationale.

Devry PA 571 Week 3 Discussion Latest

Motivating and Managing Volunteers

Dave is an executive director of a drug rehabilitation nonprofit organization that relies heavily on the use of unpaid volunteers on staff. The board of directors developed employee-related policies and posted them in an employee handbook. Each new paid and volunteer employee staff member undergoes an orientation training program. This training includes these policies and potential consequences for violation. One of these policies prohibits the use of the organization’s telephone and Internet for personal reasons.Barbara is a volunteer who has been with the organization for 3 years working primarily as a clerical employee. Dave recently caught Barbara for a third time misusing the Internet and spending an unusually long time on personal calls. She has been given a verbal and written reprimand in the past. When Barbara is not on the telephone and Internet for personal reasons, she is a very valuable volunteer. Advise Dave on what to do next. Explain your rationale.

Devry PA 571 Week 4 Discussion Latest

Strategic Planning Process

The local United Way agency is concerned about helping welfare recipients become self-sufficient. A local consortium was formed consisting of 300 volunteer community leaders in collaboration with the state and local welfare departments. After an initial effort to organize and stabilize this consortium, the task is to identify areas that can help the welfare recipients. Supposing you are one of the members, what difficulties or barriers can you identify from the standpoint of the welfare recipients?

Devry PA 571 Week 5 Discussion Latest

Financial Issues and Information Systems

Sally is the executive director of an organization consisting of 33 offices that deal with providing services to persons and families with epilepsy in their local area. The large number of offices is causing Sally and the board of directors to consider an information system.As Sally’s consultant, what factors would you recommend her to consider before making recommendations to the board?

Devry PA 571 Week 6 Discussion Latest

Marketing and Fund-Raising in a Nonprofit Organization

Mike is the executive director of a nonprofit organization that serves persons who were recently incarcerated and their families. In looking over the anticipated needs of the organization, Mike and the board of directors project a need for $1,000,000 for the coming year’s operations. At present, funding is only available for a $900,000 budget. They are seeking your advice on how to raise the additional $100,000 needed. Advise them on what steps they should take, and give your rationale.

Devry PA 571 Week 7 Discussion Latest

Ethics In A Nonprofit Organization

A manager in a state career center office notices that an employee is using the office’s computer to operate a private employment agency after hours. The state ethics commission prohibits using state equipment for personal gain. What steps will you take? Explain.


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Devry PA 571 All Week Discussions Latest

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Devry PA 571 All Week Discussions Latest


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