Devry PA 571 Week 4 Midterm Latest



Devry PA 571 Week 4 Midterm Latest

Week 4 Midterm

1.Question : The following is considered a legal form of a nonprofit organization except a(n) _____.



service organization

unincorporated association

Question 2. TCO A) The following is a myth about a nonprofit organization.

A charitable can engage in political activities.

State regulation of fund raising for charitable purposes has declined.

Not every nonprofit organization qualifies as a tax-exempt organization.

An organization cannot be incorporated to be tax-exempt.

Question 3. TCO B) The governance of a nonprofit organization _____.

is not influenced by federal tax law

must be managed by a board of directors or board of trustees

is not forced to make structural changes in the operations of nonprofit organizations

must not be directed by a board

Question 4. (TCO B) Board member responsibilities include _____.

no requirement to perform his/her duties in good faith with the care and ordinarily prudent person in a like position would exercise under similar circumstances

no requirement to comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws

exemption of liability

duty of loyalty

Question 5. (TCO E) General consensus is that a short-term objective is _____.

longer than a year

the same as a short-term strategy

6 weeks to 6 months

not important

Question 6. (TCO E) A consideration in recruitment of an executive director is whether he or she _____.

pleasant personality

does business with the organization

is politically aligned

strong or weak

Question 7. (TCO F) In order retain volunteers, a nonprofit organization should _____.

pay them well

find persons who look alike

try to make them happy and enjoy their volunteer work

expect them to ignore the rules of the organization

Question 8. (TCO F) Methods of recruiting volunteers and employees might include all but _____.


word of mouth

discrimination of covered group members

public agencies

Question 9. (TCO G) An employee/volunteer with longevity and distinguished service should be _____.

asked to retire or leave the organization

go to another organization


recognized in an appropriate manner

Question 10. (TCO G) Team building _____.

is unimportant in most nonprofit organizations

may be summarized by Together Everyone Achieves More

is overemphasized

is a distraction in an organization

1.Question What is meant by exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service? Briefly describe how the management of a nonprofit goes about getting their organization in this status.

Question 2. Explain how boards of directors of a nonprofit organization differ from those in the private sector.

Question 3. Motivation of employees is very important in most organizations. Explain the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Give an example of each.

1.Question Discuss some of the methods of recruiting volunteers for a nonprofit organization.

Question 2. Analyze methods of motivating the volunteers in a nonprofit organization.


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Devry PA 571 Week 4 Midterm Latest

Best Devry PA 571 Week 4 Midterm Latest
Devry PA 571 Week 4 Midterm Latest


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