Devry PA 571 Week 8 Course Project Latest



Devry PA 571 Week 8 Course Project Latest

Week 8 course project

Organization’s Description

Describe the organization, name, and location. Discuss why you chose to create this organization. Explain why the organization is needed and purpose. Also, provide a brief statement on the history and background of the problem in the community. Describe how your organization will address the needs of the community, the services, the programs offered, and the population (demographics) served.

Mission Statement and Goals and Objectives

The mission statement summarizes why the organization exists and objectives. Goals are clear statements of how the organization’s mission will be accomplished. Objectives are stated measurements in dollars and percentages to determine the progress of activities required to achieve goals. The goals and objectives are a separate section.

Organizational Management

Describe the organizational structure, job descriptions of personnel, and their role in the organization. This includes staff, volunteers, and leaders such as those making organizational, financial, and policy decisions. Also, include a code of ethics that will address ethical issues related to conflict of interest, accountability, and transparency among personnel. (Ethics are covered in Week 7.)

Action plans/Implementation/Activities

Describe the systematic process or steps the organization will take to achieve its goals and objectives. Also, discuss how the organization will utilize its resources such as board members, staff, volunteers, equipment, and software to fulfill the organization’s mission.

Marketing Plan

Discuss whom the organization will target for funding and whom it will provide services to. Also, describe the techniques and strategies it will utilize to get the message out to the public.

Financial Management

Discuss how the organization will generate revenue by describing the types of funding and grants it will seek. Also, create a budget sheet that shows projected expenditures such as rent, payroll, equipment, and so on.

Evaluation Process

Describe the organization’s plan to evaluate its performance and measure the impact of services and programs for improvement.

Course Project Timeline

Below is a suggested timeline that will help you complete the Course Project by the due date. Also, as you work through the sections each week, utilize the information from the textbook, lectures, assignments, and class discussions to help you complete the Course Project.

Week Section to Complete

1 Organization’s Description

2 Mission Statement/Goals and Objectives

3 Organizational Management

4Action Plans/Implementation/Activities

5Marketing Plan

6Financial Management

7Evaluation Process

Below is information that must be included in the final product.

Papers must be 8–10 pages in length, double-spaced, and with 12-point font. Include a cover page, table of contents, introduction, body of the report, summary or conclusion, and references.

References are mandatory. At least eight outside references are required (anonymous authors or web pages are not acceptable). At least three of those sources must be academic or scholarly articles from the Keller library. These should be listed on the last page, titled References. Please view the tutorial about scholarly articles at the end of this Course Project tab.

APA or MLA format and citations are required.

Cover page—Include whom you prepared the paper for, who prepared it, and the date.

Table of contents—List the main ideas and section of your paper and the pages in which they are located. The illustrations should be included separately.

Body of your report—The body of the report will include all of the sections listed below.

All DeVry University policies are in effect including the plagiarism policy.

No late papers will be accepted.

Submit your Course Project to the Dropbox, located at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these step-by-step instructions.

See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due date information.

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Devry PA 571 Week 8 Course Project Latest

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Devry PA 571 Week 8 Course Project Latest




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