Devry PHIL 347 Week 6 Homework Assignment Latest



Devry PHIL 347 Week 6 Homework Assignment Latest

Reference List for Argumentative Essay

In Week 7, you will be constructing an argumentative paper incorporating what you learn that week about constructing arguments.For this assignment, you are to submit a Microsoft Word document with a properly formatted cover page. You may use this document to build the paper due in Week 7.

To complete this assignment, follow the instructions below.

  • State the topic clearly.
  • Create a thesis paragraph expressing what you will be arguing (the point you want to make) and a general order for the paper.
  • Include a reference list of no fewer than five properly APA-formatted references for sources you intend to use in the paper.

The list of possible topics includes

  • human involvement in climate change (no or yes and to what degree);
  • the use of robots in healthcare;
  • the impact (positive or negative) of social media on a specific generation;
  • whether social security will be sustainable into the future;
  • the value of DNA therapies in treating cancer;
  • using technologies like CRISPR/Cas9 to eliminate genetic diseases (or create designer babies);
  • whether animals should have rights equal to humans;
  • whether vegetarianism is healthier than eating meat; and
  • whether either medical or recreational marijuana should be legal.

Hopefully, there is something here that will interest you.

Note: As you do your research, it is permissible to change your sources. Also, because of the recency and relevance of these issues, no sources older than 5 years should be used other than as historical information. Critical thinkers do the research first and then side with the preponderance of evidence. You might want to follow that principle.

This assignment should be submitted as a double-spaced Microsoft Word document. Please use the naming protocol ReferenceList_Lastname. For example, if your name is Jane Smith, the document would be saved as ReferenceList_Smith.


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Devry PHIL 347 Week 6 Homework Assignment Latest

Best Devry PHIL 347 Week 6 Homework Assignment Latest
Devry PHIL 347 Week 6 Homework Assignment Latest


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