Devry PHIL 447 Week 1 Quiz Latest



Devry PHIL 447 Week 1 Quiz Latest

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  1. 1.Question : (TCOs 1 & 2) Categorical logic originated with the work of Aristotle, and it is based on

information grouped in classes based upon which pair of logical principles?

Student Answer: Inclusion and proportion

Exclusion and translation

Exclusion and discrimination

Inclusion and exclusion

  1. 2.Question : (TCO 4) Each of the four standard-form categorical claims in categorical logic can be

displayed graphically in a standard way using what logical tool?

Truth table

Venn diagram

Probability graph


  1. 3.Question : (TCOs 1 & 3) Categorical syllogisms employ two premise claims and a conclusion

claim in standard forms, and three significant terms each occur exactly twice in exactly

two of the claims. What do we call the term that occurs as the subject term of the

syllogism’s conclusion?

The minor term

The major term

The middle term

The conjunctive term

  1. 4.Question : (TCOs 1 & 2) Standard-form categorical claims require that claims in other forms be

translated so that the four standard-form claims specify which elements?

Nouns and verbs

Nouns and adjectives

Subject and predicate

Verbs and adverbs

  1. 5.Question : (TCOs 3 & 4) Truth-functional logic employs truth tables to analyze sets of claims

working together in arguments. What is the term that describes the invalid form in

which the conditional has its consequent as the other premise?

Affirming the consequent

Modus ponens

Denying the antecedent

Undistributed middle


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Devry PHIL 447 Week 1 Quiz Latest

Best Devry PHIL 447 Week 1 Quiz Latest
Devry PHIL 447 Week 1 Quiz Latest




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