Devry PHIL 447 Week 4 Discussions Latest



Devry PHIL 447 Week 4 Discussions Latest

Inventing New Examples (graded)

There is a short list below of some of the most common fallacies that we meet in the Week 4 reading assignments. With your creative thinking caps on, invent (not find elsewhere but invent by yourself) a simple, clear, and original example of the fallacy you have chosen. Write it up and bring it to the online discussion so that everybody can read it and discuss it.

Be sure to name the type of fallacy your example demonstrates.

Here is a short list of fallacies to use in making your choice, though you may use others described in the textbook.

  • The Ad Hominem or genetic fallacy
  • Strawman
  • “Argument” from outrage
  • Scare tactic
  • Groupthink
  • Red herring
  • “Argument” from popularity

Have some fun with this. Your invented examples can be either realistic or a bit silly, but they need to clearly exhibit the chosen fallacy.
In the discussion thread, go ahead and speak to the examples that other students have brought in.

Baloney Detection (graded)

The astrophysicist Carl Sagan in his book The Demon Haunted World recommended that people be educated in a set of skills he called a “baloney detection kit.” These include such techniques as requesting facts to back claims and seeing whether a claim can be empirically tested. What techniques would you have in your baloney detection kit? Why would they help you distinguish logical and reasonable arguments from lies and nonsense?


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Devry PHIL 447 Week 4 Discussions Latest

Best Devry PHIL 447 Week 4 Discussions Latest
Devry PHIL 447 Week 4 Discussions Latest


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