Devry PROJ 410 Week 5 Discussions Latest



Devry  PROJ 410 Week 5 Discussions Latest


Human Resource Transitioning (graded)

As your textbook indicated, business process outsourcing has become an emerging trend in most small- and large-size corporations.This has been particularly true during the last year and a half, as many companies have turned to outsourcing in order to reduce overhead costs during these recessionary times. Identify some companies with which you have been personally associated, or companies that you have read about which have gone through the outsourcing process for some of their business operations. How did affected employees react to the outsource process?

Globalization and Procurement (graded)

For most industries, globalization is arguably one of the more common business trends of the last decade. As your text indicates, there are several considerations that must be evaluated from a contracting standpoint relative to multi-nation operations and contracting agreements. Let’s take the various contracting considerations presented in your text (and outlined in this week’s slides), and discuss how they can affect U.S.-based firms seeking a BPO or subcontracting agreement with a foreign company on a region-by-region basis, including: Canada, Europe, Asia, South/Central America, Canada, and Mexico. Based on your understanding and/or experiences in these other regions of the world, what do you think are contracting considerations that should be considered and addressed in the BPO contract?


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Devry PROJ 410 Week 5 Discussions Latest

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Devry PROJ 410 Week 5 Discussions Latest


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