Devry SEC 360 All Discussions Latest



Devry SEC 360 All Discussions Latest

Devry SEC 360 Week 1 Discussions Latest

Security Policy (graded)

Policy is central to affecting security in organizations. Using the security policy for your workplace (or other organization with which you are familiar), what are some key features that allow personnel to control security? Are there any deficiencies? What can be added that would improve security?

Security CBK (graded)

The security Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) describes what security professionals collectively know about the discipline. What knowledge domains are included in the CBK? What do you think will be added to the CBK in the future?

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Devry SEC 360 Week 2 Discussions Latest

Compliance Legislation (HIPAA) (graded)

How can we utilize the four types of security policies to develop a HIPAA security program for organizations? What kinds of information does HIPAA protect? What kinds of organizations does HIPAA cover?

Intellectual Property (IP) (graded)

Your organization has asked you to assist in the discussion about how to best protect its intellectual property (IP). The engineers in your organization have developed new database and ordering software to support a faster process for fulfilling customer orders.Which of the various forms of IP protection will you recommend for safeguarding the engineers’ work? Should it be protected at all? What does the organization risk by getting IP protection?

Devry SEC 360 Week 3 Discussions Latest

Snack Cake Security (graded)

Your company has a special recipe for snack cakes. This snack cake is a key product in your company’s lineup, and it is responsible for a large majority of shareholder value. Using a security model described in the text, describ

Security and the OSI Model (graded)

Security can have a cumulative effect. Consider the OSI model as a key component of the Common Body of Knowledge. For definitions of OSI layers, click here:″>OSI Layers. What is the OSI model about, and how can we use it when we are selecting security controls?
e an approach that will allow this important recipe to be kept secure.

Devry SEC 360 Week 4 Discussions Latest

Amusement Security (graded)

Your company is in the business of entertainment; they run an amusement park. There are thousands of people all over the park every day. It is very important to control who has access to what, and not just for visitors, but for employees as well. Define groups of people, and indicate how you would control physical access for them.

Security Operations Changes (graded)

Describe how to insert changes in the operational security of the organization. How do you manage those who do not want to accept the changes?

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Devry SEC 360 Week 5 Discussions Latest

Backup and Recovery Planning (graded)

Why are backups so often overlooked in an organization? How do we sell the benefits of spending money on backup solutions to business managers and executives?

Access Control Lists (graded)

Access control lists are very valuable for administering granular control over an organization’s resources. So why do a lot of organizations opt not to use them in lieu of more general super user or administrator accounts?

Devry SEC 360 Week 6 Discussions Latest

Cryptograhy (graded)

Which algorithm is more secure: AES256 or AES128? Why?

The Enterprise Firewall is Dead (graded)

A popular computer network publication stated at one time that the enterprise firewall was dead. It boldly stated that the exterior firewalls of the organization should be torn down and replaced with host-based firewalls instead. Is this insane, or is it the best new practice in security management? Explain your answer.

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Devry SEC 360 Week 7 Discussions Latest

Intrusion Detection (graded)

Your organization’s business manager has read an article about how intrusion detection systems can help deter hackers. He or she wants to spearhead a campaign to deploy them around the company’s locations in three states. Since an IDS can help deter hackers, does this make it a worthwhile project, or is there some reason to be wary? Specific to this example, how do you respond to ad hoc security requests like this? In general, how can you keep requests like this in check

Secure as a Car (graded)

Engineering software is like engineering a car; if one were so inclined, there could be a completely bug- and security-free application.Do you agree with this? Why or why not?


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Devry SEC 360 All Discussions Latest

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