DeVry SEC 575 Week 2 Discussions Latest



DeVry SEC 575 Week 2 Discussions Latest

DQ1 To Spam or not to Spam

You have just graduated and decide that you want to start an Internet business. You have limited capital but need to market your product. Someone suggests that you can purchase 500,000 Internet addresses at an extremely low cost. You have always hated spam but realize that this is a great way to reach a half a million potential customers both quickly and cheaply. You recognize that many, if not most, of the recipients will find your spam message a nuisance. Focusing on the legal issues that you believe affect your actions, discuss what you would do.

Read the excerpts of the CAN-SPAM Act, attached.

DQ2 Conflicts of Law and the Internet

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits the government from blocking any form of freedom of expression that not does not involve child pornography, terrorism, or other forms that themselves involve a crime. Many foreign states place restrictions on expression in the name of a greater good. In France, it is a crime to incite racial hatred. Yahoo provides an auction site on the Internet and among the items it has offered were Nazi memorabilia, which are illegal in France. French authorities took Yahoo to court and filed criminal charges against the company. Several organizations, such as the League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism and the League of Jewish Students, successfully sued Yahoo in France and obtained a judgment. A U.S. federal district court judge, however, refused to enforce the judgment and says Yahoo is not bound by French law.

Should the speech laws of one country effectively censor what appears on a website owned by citizens of another country? Should a company such as Yahoo that does business in foreign markets be sensitive to the laws and culture of the countries in which it chooses to do business?


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DeVry SEC 575 Week 2 Discussions Latest

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DeVry SEC 575 Week 2 Discussions Latest


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