DeVry SEC 575 Week 4 Midterm Latest



DeVry SEC 575 Week 4 Midterm Latest

Week 4 midterm

Question 1. (TCO A) Law over time is described by which of the following?

Question 2. (TCOA) For nonresident persons, long-arm statutes enable state courts to have jurisdiction over nonresidents in all but which one of the following situations?

Question 3. (TCOB) When a website makes outlandish claims regarding hair restoration products, the FTC can pursue an action against which of the following groups?

Question 4. (TCOC) Which best describe describes what is not provided by the Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998?

Question 5. (TCOE) Under the UCC, additional terms in the acceptance are proposals that become part of the contract if which (if any) of the following occurs?

Question 6. (TCOC) Ralph must provide a good bit of personal information to become a website member for an online auction company. He chooses “brains” as his password. If the website uses commercially reasonable procedures for identifying a customer, then

Question 7. (TCOE) You go into a store and purchase some software that displays a clickwrap agreement at the time of installation.You have already purchased the product and are being asked to consent to the contract that purportedly memorializes the payment.When is the contract formed? Is it at the moment of purchase or later, when you assent to the terms of the clickwrap agreement? Explain your answer.

Question 8. (TCOB) State taxation of out-of-state businesses is based upon establishment of “minimum contacts.” Explain the theory of minimum contacts and describe how that theory affects whether or not a state can tax goods sold or services rendered.


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DeVry SEC 575 Week 4 Midterm Latest

Best DeVry SEC 575 Week 4 Midterm Latest
DeVry SEC 575 Week 4 Midterm Latest




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